AR Workshop: 2 Projects at 1 Session

Okay, I know I’ve blogged about AR workshops a bunch before… but I think this is my last visit for a while. They totally sucked me in with their stamp card and once I got to 5 visits, I qualified for a free project. Well, of COURSE I’m going to go back for my free project!

But when they sent me my code (the promo is for the average price of all your completed projects), it was for more than the one project I wanted to do and it wouldn’t let me use it unless I spent a higher amount. And that is how I ended up signing up to do two projects at one session!

{Pssst, this isn’t a sponsored post, but if you want to find an AR Workshop you can find them here:}

Project #1: My Office Project

I saw this project on the website and I thought it would be the perfect addition to my office. My coffee addiction is a running joke between me and my co-worker. This project was relatively easy – I stained the frame boards chestnut, painted the plywood backboard black, applied the stencil, painted all the text antique white, and then went over the word “coffee” with gold.

The problem was that the stencil wasn’t totally stuck to the plywood when I used it, so there was some color seepage. Luckily, Lindsey finished her project early because she did some touch-up painting for me while I focused on my other piece. The last bit of this one was to use the nail gun to secure the frame boards. I love the way this one turned out and I took it to work the next day and hung it in my office:

Project #3: My Home Project

I have a spot in my living room that needed some color, so this one with all the flowers was right up my alley. I started this the same as my office project, by painting the plywood black and staining the frame boards chestnut. This one had a TON of colors in it though, which made it very challenging when working with the stencil. I did the best I could with the stencil in place, but then did quite a bit of touch-up painting where some colors bled into other flowers by mistake.

I really love the way this one turned out and hung it in the perfect spot in a boring corner:

And now, I’m done with the AR workshops for a while! I mean, unless I need to make a gift for someone…

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