Back to School Shopping: My Old Navy & Target Boy Clothing Favorites

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been totally brainwashed into thinking that you MUST do your back to school shopping in August. I mean, sure… you’re still wearing shorts and t-shirts when school starts in September, but it’s nice to have a few fresh things to wear.

Since Jack is starting kindergarten in a few weeks, I’ve been doing some poking around to buy him a few items to round out his school wardrobe. By the end of the summer, many of his shorts are totally faded out and his t-shirts are looking rough so I did a little online shopping a few days ago to stock up.

Here’s what I ordered from Target:

Boy’s Gorilla Remix Long Sleeve Graphic Tee, $11.99

Boy’s Cat & Jack Dude Tee, $6.00

Boy’s Textured Stripe Pocket Tee, $7.00

Boy’s Cat & Jack Pique Polo in Black, $5.00

Boy’s Cat & Jack Pique Polo in Blue, $5.00

Boy’s Cat & Jack Giraffe Tee, $6.00

I posted the prices I paid, but I noticed that some of the items are a little cheaper now. When I was doing my clicking/buying on Friday, Target was running a special where a $40 purchase would get a $10 gift card back. Somehow I qualified for the gift card even though my total was $37.41. Score! Jack is all set on superhero shirts, so I just needed a few plain polos and a couple new graphic tee’s for now.

Here’s what I ordered from Old Navy:

Rib-Knit Waist Canvas Cargo Shorts for Boys in Gator Green, $6.98

Rib-Knit Waist Canvas Cargo Shorts for Boys in California Grizzly, $6.98

I usually get a bunch of Jack’s clothes from Gap and Old Navy, but I’m not happy with their prices right now. All of Jack’s ‘preschool uniform shorts’ are basically totally worn out, but he has a few pairs that still look nice — bright blue, bright red/orange, plaid and camouflage. For now, I just stuck to two pairs of shorts to round out his current collection. My total at Old Navy was $14.80 and I received free shipping for having a Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy card.

I spent less than $52 (and will get $10 back in a Target gift card) and we are mostly set for the school year. I do need to order Jack a new pair of sneakers…but I’m waiting to see how much bigger his feet will grow within the next few weeks. Same goes for jeans, by time it’s cool enough to wear them he may be a couple inches taller…

Where do you do your Back to School kiddo shopping?

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Target or Old Navy, I pay for any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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