Kid Fun: Home Depot’s FREE Kid Workshops

{This is NOT a sponsored post, we just really love the monthly workshops and I wanted to tell you all about it!}

Did you guys know that Home Depot has FREE kid workshops once a month? We started going a few months ago and every time I mention it to a mom friend they are always shocked that they haven’t heard about it. The kid workshops usually occur the first Saturday of each month, but you can check their calendar to confirm that there is one near you: Home Depot Workshops.

On our first visit to a kid workshop, Jack received his own little Home Depot apron. Each time we go back, he wears his apron and earns a new button for each project. It’s totally FREE and the projects are free too!

Over the past few months he has built an Easter bunny basket, a Mother’s Day flower pot and a bug house. This past weekend, he worked with daddy to build a wooden Penske Truck. See, he’s pretty thrilled with himself:

Every single thing about the workshops is totally FREE. They provide the kits and also have tables filled with whatever you might need to complete the project, such as hammers and paints. Sometimes they even have juice boxes, cupcakes and balloons. FOR FREE! We already registered for next month’s project of building a ‘Back to School’ pencil box.

Have you done the Home Depot kid workshops before?

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