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As you all know, I’m in Austin, Texas this week for a conference. I arrived on Sunday and will be flying back to Maryland this afternoon. I HAD planned to write you all a fun little blog post about what I was up to so far… but I never really got around to it.

texas pic

A lot of bloggers would be totally organized and have a stash of posts just waiting to go up, and I kind of did this with my Monday and Tuesday posts. However, I feel kind of weird about scheduling posts on my blog. I mean, it’s a blog about my life… so if I write a post a couple weeks before, how do I know that it will still resonate with me when I finally pluck it out of the drafts folder to post it?

I just feel maybe a little inauthentic scheduling things out too far in advance.

However, that leads to today’s conundrum. I don’t actually have a post. But I’m okay with that, because I’d rather let you see behind the curtain. I’m not a big, ol’ polished blogger that does 10 DIY projects every month. I’m not an actual fashion blogger who mixes and matches her outfits for daily inspiration. I’m just me, a lifestyle blogger who is so honored to let you all into all the silliness and sadness of my life.

I do tell you about products I love (PS, if you haven’t entered my True&Co giveaway, do it ASAP!), but only if I actually love them. I very rarely accept compensation for blog posts, because I feel like it’s very hard to do a TRUTHFUL review if someone is throwing money at you to do it.

Sorry, I kind of got off on a little tangent there. And this time it’s not about big butts.

If you’d like to check in on my trip so far, I’ve been instagramming everything with a #joulesdoesaustin hashtag so you can just click on it and pull it all up. Or you can just click here to see it online if you don’t have Instagram.

Oh, and I rode a mechanical bull.

Last night I rode a mechanical bull, because I’m in Texas. And why wouldn’t I ride a mechanical bull in Texas? #joulesdoesaustin

A video posted by pocketfulofjoules (@pocketfulofjoules) on

I promise I will return on Monday with a big old Austin post for y’all. And yes, I can use y’all, because I’m in Texas and that seems like a cowgirl-ish thing so say. LOVE YOU guys!

Tell me, what do you want to hear about in next week’s All About Austin post?

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8 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain”

  1. I absolutely LOVED following your Austin adventures on Instagram. It’s one of my fave cities, and I used to travel there quarterly for Texas Social Media Alliance meetings. I’ve had to let that fall off in the last few quarters, and I sure miss the good food and fun down in the hill country. Glad you had a good time!

    1. Thanks so much Andi – you might recognize a bunch of places from my upcoming All About Austin post on Monday. It was such a great city and I’d love to go back!

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