DIY Snack Mix

You know when you think of an idea and then immediately think, WHY have I not thought of this before… it’s so freaking SIMPLE?!

Well, this is one of those posts.

And you guys might already be doing this at home and I’m like 8 years behind the times, but I figured I’d throw it out there just in case.

Let me back up for a second and say that I love snack mixes, but there is always something yucky that ends up getting thrown out. For your typical trail mix, it is always made up of those weird wannabe M&M’s and way too many nuts for my taste. For Chex Mix there is typically something gross, like odd pieces of small toast thrown in there or “chocolaty cookies” that taste like stale Oreos.

So WHY did it take me to the ripe old age of 37 to realize I can make my own snack mix?

Say WHAT?! I could be the master of my own mix (that’s going to be my rap name, FYI) and ONLY include the things that I actually like to eat?


I poked around my pantry and found a few things that I like to snack on:

Pocketful of Joules - make your own snack mix

Pretty, right? Actually, if you’d like to be a little less pinteresty, here’s what my counter top ACTUALLY looked like:

Pocketful of Joules - ingrediants

I decided to use Honey Nut Chex, some pretzel wheels, cheddar goldfish, raisins, M&M’s and some leftover candy corn. To keep it relatively healthy, I did very small amounts of the candies. This is a great way to get rid of the one cup of cereal that sits in the box for months because nobody feels like finishing it.

Pocketful of Joules -snack mix in baggie

I threw everything in a gallon-sized baggie so that I could mix it up easily without ending with a bunch of crumbs. Then I just threw it in a snazzy Ikea container that I had sitting around the house:

Pocketful of Joules - snack mix

That’s IT! It sat on the counter for a couple days before it was entirely scarfed down by myself, Travis and Jack. Easy peasy and no yucky bits that get thrown in the trash. Or fed to Ollie.

Sorry Ollie.

What snacks would you throw together in your perfect snack mix? Have you been doing this FOREVER — if so, why didn’t anyone tell me?


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5 thoughts on “DIY Snack Mix”

    1. And you can even make it healthy… Or organic… Or clean. Actually, I’m not really sure what “clean” food actually is, so maybe not that! 🙂

  1. really hate to be a bubble burster but I found this “Trail Mix” recipe (long back when the Internet was DARPANet circa 1972) at a Petrie Sporting Goods in Madison Wis while gearing up for a canoe camping trip. Been making similar mixes ever since. BTW chocolate melts (yes even M&Ms) at 88*. So take ambient temperature into account when choosing ingredients.

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