Brit Co-Op: Food + Wine + DIY

Do you remember way back over a year ago when I talked about being part of the Brit + Co Co-Op? Well, the Co-Op took a little break but came back a couple weeks ago with a bang.

Or maybe a tick tock.

That was my clever way of hinting that we created our own watch bands.

Get it.
Tick, tock.

{insert dorky snort laugh here}

Whatever. It was totally funny in my head. Anyways, I LOVE a chance to kick the boys out of the house and invite some of my girlfriends over to play. As always, I threw together some snacks and chilled a few bottles of wine because WINE makes all DIY projects more fun.

This month’s project was a Timex embroidered watch set that came in both orange and lime green:

Brit Kit for Timex Watches

They provided everything in the Brit Kit, except for scissors:
– Timex Weekender Watch
– embroidery thread in 3 colors
– embroidery needles

Even though some of my friends were craftier than others – most noticeable when we all started trying to thread our needles – I think all the watches turned out super cute. Check them out:


Working on our watches

Timex watches from Brit and Co

I felt like we totally need a “Go, Go Power Rangers picture…” And this one is even more awesome because it has an adorable baby photobomb!

Timex watches


They turned out super cute, right?

Do you want to make one at home? I have a lime green watch kit that I’d love to give away to one of you to enjoy! All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post and tell me what accessory you just can’t live without. I’ll pick a winner at random (or perhaps Ollie will do the picking…) on Monday, September 15th.

9/15/14 Update: The winner of the lime green Timex kit from Brit+Co is… Stacey, who can’t leave the house without her glasses. TeeHee. Congrats Stacey and thank you to everyone who entered!


Disclosure: Brit + Co provided me with the Brit Kits for free. I was not required to review the kits or even write a blog post about the party. I just wanted to because we had so much fun and I could see this being a cool idea for a bridal shower, baby shower or birthday.

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10 thoughts on “Brit Co-Op: Food + Wine + DIY”

  1. Actually, it’s probably my watch. I’m a teacher and I have to keep things moving on time, get to our specials, etc. Can’t live without a watch.

  2. I know it’s lame, but I can’t live without my hair elastics. The really thick ones from Goody, because my hair destroys anything else. I’m that super cool chick walking around with like, 10 elastics on her wrist all the time. A watch would look way better. 😉

    1. Ever since I cut my bangs, I MUST carry two barrette clips with me at all times. You never know when they’re going to start driving me crazy and have to go up!

  3. I can’t live without a hair tie or head band….I work with 3 and 4 year olds and I always end up getting annoyed that my hair is in my face 🙂

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