What’s Better than a Chick Party? A Chic Par-DIY!

Do you guys remember when I did a review of a Brit Kit a few months ago? I called it Having a Polka Dot Party with Myself because even though I had the makings of an awesome party… I didn’t actually have time for a party.

Well, fast forward to last weekend because I linked up with my friends at Brit + Co again as part of their brand-spanking-new Brit Co-op!

joules - thanks sponsor 1As a member of the Brit Co-op, they provided me with their May Brit Kits so I could have a party (or actually a par-DIY) with my girlfriends. It was the perfect excuse for me to have my friends over AND gave us something to do while we talked, drank wine, talked, munched on snacks, talked and um… talked.

Part of the fun in hosting the party was that I had no idea what the craft would be until a large box arrived at my house a couple weeks before the event. My only hint was in the original invitation — it would be  something beachy. As soon as the package arrived, I ripped that box open like a rabid spider monkey and found a couple of canisters of tea (thank you to the Blackbird Tea Company!) and kits with all the ingredients to make a…

DIY Chic Weekend Tote:

  • Canvas tote bag
  • Three bottles of fabric paint – magenta, navy and gold
  • Gold studs
  • Paintbrush
  • Painters tape

Everyone had such a great time and I was surprised that each person’s tote bag turned out so unique when we all had the same kits to work from. I especially loved that the crafting party gave me a reason to take some time for myself to have friends over. Even better, since everything was included in the kit all I had to do was provide some munchies!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the par-DIY:

blog 2
Delicious, right? I made up a recipe for the oversized marshmallow “s’mores” that I think I’ll probably post on Friday if you guys are interested.
blog 1
I unintentionally matched the kits with my cheapo tablecloths I picked up to protect my kitchen table. Um, I mean that totally happened on purpose because I am very, very stylish.
blog 3
Bestie Annie and sister Katie getting their tape on!
blog 4
Me and my buddy Jessie. I have no idea why I look like a giant next to her in this picture because we’re basically the same height (check out the last picture if you don’t believe me!)
Fabulous friends, Kendall and Ilana — I LOVED their bag designs!
blog 6
All of us with our gorgeous totes. Bring on the beach!

I wish I could have invited all of you to join us, because it was like a grown up version of summer camp. However, one of you CAN kind of join us because I have an extra kit that I’m giving away!

All you have to do is leave me a comment on this blog post and tell me your last DIY project (whether it went well, or not). All comments left between now and noon on Tuesday, June 11th will be entered to win a DIY Chic Weekend Tote Brit Kit. In addition to your entry here, you can earn one additional entry by “liking” the status on my Facebook page that says “Like this status for an extra entry!” I will choose one winner by using a random number generator.

Disclosure: Brit + Co provided me with the Brit Kits for free. I was not required to review the kits or even write a blog post about the party. I just wanted to because we had so much fun and I could see this being a cool idea for a bridal shower, baby shower or birthday.

6/11/13 Update – Sara S is the winner of the DIY Chic Weekend Tote from Brit + Co!

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20 thoughts on “What’s Better than a Chick Party? A Chic Par-DIY!”

  1. Would going to North Carolina to have amazeball pin-up pics and then making a book out of them for husband’s b’day (all kept completely a surprise) count???

  2. My friend and I sat down at my dining room table with a bottle of wine and a bunch of supplies from Hobby Lobby and created boutineers for my upcoming wedding. In the end we had sticky fingers and everything was covered in a fine layer of gold glitter, but in the end, I think they turned out pretty well! Btw – I LOVE the idea of an arts and crafts party! Perfect!

  3. I’m not too crafty, but I made roses out of baby socks for my sister’s baby shower last year… I taught myself how to make them from YouTube videos & attached them to the pens we were using for games. They turned out super cute & then my sister was able to keep the socks:)

    1. Oh gosh, I love those projects that turn out to be something useful when you undo them!

  4. Omigosh! Too cute! I LOVE all of your bags, ladies! Hmmm the last DIY project was my vision board (a glorified magazine collage – don’t judge!). But I’ve got big plans for sea shells in my bathroom…

    1. Thanks Chrissy! Hmm… let me think, a sea shell toilet paper holder? Maybe a sea shell covered toilet seat? =)

  5. My last DIY was yesterday. I made “personalized stationery” for the kiddos in my class as their year-end gift. Basically, I just typed “From the desk of _____” at the top of a word document, then printed it on cute paper. That’s my kind of DIY because I am so not crafty. I try but all I make are messes usually.

  6. Just found your blog–loving it! My last diy was painting my thrifted round coffee table to look like an archery target. It turned out better than I expected even though the circles are kind of wobbly!

  7. My last DIY project was inspired by….. YOU! I loved what you did with your chairs outside and kept thinking I need to spray paint something. Passing really pretty, brightly colored cans at Home Depot while buying more boring stuff didn’t help either. So I bought the paint and new drawer pulls and got myself set up to redo this antique desk that I had been trashing for years. In my defense, it was left behind by my hubby’s ex so I didn’t care about it but after 8 years…. Anyways…. so I sanded for a day, hubby took away the electric sander because it wasn’t working right and told me to do it by hand (grrr) and then came the painting part. Hubby didn’t trust me to spray paint evenly, apparently that takes skill. So he painted it while I sat in the shade and watched. It took three trips to Home Depot (trip number two he assured me we had enough paint!), four coats of paint on top (only two were due to over spray of blue paint), and lots of wine! The results are a super cute table that he brought in while it was still tacky and someone started putting stuff on top of it which left black marks. Oh well…. that’s my story! Maybe the next project will be more successful and I’ll be allowed to participate. Or I can keep faking my lack of skills to watch and drink on the sidelines.

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