Oogaa Love

Do you remember a month or so ago when I couldn’t figure out how to use a placemat?

Yes, I’m quite the smarty pants.

I just wasn’t quite sure what to do with the crumbs after we were done using the mat that we received in our April Citrus Lane box. Luckily, Sam, the founder of Oogaa set me straight. That’s right, she somehow came across my little ol’ blog and reached out. Such a sweetheart!

Even sweeter, is that she sent Jack an Oogaa silicone mealtime set! Just for funsies.

I wasn’t required to write a blog post about it or anything, but we finally had a chance to test it out yesterday and OF COURSE I had to take some pictures.

Check out my saucy little minx…

Really mom, you’re going to try to feed me when I’ve been doing it myself for months?!
See, I’ve got this!
Oh, you want me to try the plane spoon? Okay…

My favorite part of the set is that the bowl is a softer silicone. So when Jack decides he’s had enough and throws it on the floor it doesn’t scare the bejesus out of me. Because, frankly nobody wants to be missing their bejesus!


Disclosure: In case you skipped over the first part of this post, I received this set for free but wasn’t required to write about it. All thoughts are my own.

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