Attention Hotels: I have an Amazingly Awesome Marketing Idea

On my drive into work this morning I was thinking how it would be so nice to actually have some time alone with my husband.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Jack even more than cookie butter on a spoon and a fresh roasted s’more all rolled into one – but we’ve had TWO date nights in the past 15 months. Momma needs some “not being a momma but a wife” time.

Then it hit me.

Pretty much the most awesome marketing idea that I can’t believe someone isn’t already doing. So if you run a hotel, listen up because I’m about to BLOW YOUR MIND.

You need to offer a “Parents Date Night” package which includes:

  • A beautiful hotel room with a king bed. Not for a whole night though – maybe just four hours (7pm – 11pm would be perfect) because it’s hard to find an overnight babysitter.
  • A fantastic dinner delivered right to the room at a set time. I’m thinking some kind of surf and turf deliciousness with a bottle of chilled wine. Of course there should be some kind of decadent dessert like chocolate covered strawberries. Oh and don’t just shove a room service cart full of food into the room… there needs to be a table set up with a tablecloth and candles.
  • A brochure listing all of the latest movies offered on pay-per-view that parents never get to see. Maybe they can finally see a movie without waiting in line and paying $50 to sit next to some asshat teenager that texts the whole time. Or watch something at a normal volume instead of having their TV on the lowest setting possible so that the fight scenes don’t wake up the kid.
hotel pic
It would be like this — our cruise we took while I was preggo — but fancier. And with more steak.

Imagine it… all you have to do is book the Parent’s Date Night package for Friday night and plan for a babysitter. Grab your spouse, check into the hotel and have a clean and comfy room waiting for you. You get to laze around in a plush hotel robe, have an amazing meal, watch a movie and have some (wink, wink) “grown up” time.

It would truly be like a little 4 hour vacation without really going anywhere. Bonus points if the hotel has a pool.

If this were offered in my area, I’d take advantage of it in a heartbeat. So, if there are any Maryland or DC hotels out there that want to make this idea a reality… please hook a mother up!

How about you, would you want a Parent’s Date Night at a local hotel? What would your ideal package include?

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7 thoughts on “Attention Hotels: I have an Amazingly Awesome Marketing Idea”

    1. Right?! I mean, I AM a marketing genius, but REALLY someone needs to get on this ASAP. 😉

  1. I agree with Katie, how IS this not a thing???
    I would TOTALLY be into this!
    Ok, you need to start your campaign.
    I will pimp you out.
    Here we go…..

    1. Yet another reason why I should try and make a Hawaii trip work for our 5 year wedding anniversary in October!

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