Come & Knock on my Door

Can you hear that?

Listen really hard… hear it?

That faint clucking noise is the sound of smug satisfaction in Joules-town. It’s like Funky Town, but with more failing arms and karate kicks.

Yeah, that’s right – I finished another house project!

One of the first things I added to my house list over a year ago was to paint our outdated evergreen colored door (apparently the previous owners really liked green). The door is a really nice one from Pella, so I really didn’t want to replace it… but the color was just so BORING. And early 1990’s.

old door 2

The door was green EVERYWHERE too – both inside and outside. Oh yeah, AND the inside surrounding trim. Blegh. Just the trim around the door though… the rest of the entrance has white trim. My husband said it best when he assumed they must have been thinking, “Holy crap this door is ugly, maybe we should paint the trim the same color so it blends in more?”

old door 1

With my mission to bring our door into 2013, I grabbed a bunch of fun colored swatches from Home Depot and we taped them up and stared at them for a couple of days…

swatches 1

Then we narrowed them down and stared a little more…

swatches 2

We wanted something that went well with the rest of our house and also worked well with the existing glass door. Finally, we picked a winner (Clover by Behr) and bought a quart of paint. And then… nothing. Life got busy and it sat in the coat closet for a few weeks.

This past holiday weekend was the perfect time for me to get my painting groove on and I finally had a chance to give the door a quick sanding (just the outside because it looked like there was a herd of bugs stuck in the old paint) and throw on my first coat. And yes, the first coat always looks horrible and you run around all confused wondering why you made such a terrible, terrible mistake…

coat 1

Then my second and third coat.

coat 3

Oooh, check out that fresh white trim! Here are some more saucy poses…

new door -1

new door 2

I LOVE the finished door. My husband tentatively liked it but said that it’s totally growing on him. So he’ll probably be joining me in giving it long lingering glances as I pass by it throughout the day. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the hardware, so I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for something fabulous next time we stop by the ol’ HD.

How was your holiday weekend? Did you finally finish a project that has been waiting in the wings (or hall closet) for ages? Do you walk past your front door and give it sexy bedroom eyes?

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4 thoughts on “Come & Knock on my Door”

  1. Congrats — the new door color is spectacular!

    What is with people for the early 1990s and forest green? Our kitchen counters used to be forest green formica and, as we started sanding all of the walls and interior doors before re-painting them, we found that just about all of them were once forest green, too. Who could have ever thought that looked good?

    1. Eh, I’m sure I’ll be saying that about half my design choices in a few years. =)

      However, your fully green kitchen would have gone great with the original ugly green bathroom in my house (a green sink, tub AND toilet)!

  2. Props to you! I remember painting and refinishing doors when we were selling our house. What a massive pain in the ass, lol. But it was totally worth it, although I only had to do the painting. I let hubs do the heavy lifting on the re-varnishing of the wood door. What? It was good for him. 😉

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