My Tried & Tested (and tested again) Easy S’mores Recipe

I don’t usually post recipes on this here ol’ blog, because frankly I’m not really that awesome of a cook/chef/baker. I do rock at eating though, so that has to count for something.

While stuck in traffic one day last week, I was daydreaming about marshmallows (as I have been known to do). I had my par-DIY coming up and was thinking I should include some marshmallow-y goodness in my food offerings.

That’s where this easy peazy recipe was born and I even had the ingredients sitting my house just waiting for me to combine them. And yes, I’m sure there are 89,732 recipes on Pinterest that I could have used, but I was really trying to figure out the laziest recipe possible. Part of a lazy recipe is that I NOT go online and get sucked into Pinterest for 50 minutes.

What you need:
–          Marshmallows (I used the giant kind, but any size will work)
–          Chocolate chips
–          Graham crackers

Step 1: Grab your supplies. Eat a couple marshmallows and a handful of chocolate chips just to make sure nothing went stale. I know the packages aren’t open but it’s good to be sure!

step 1

Step 2: Put some chocolate chips in a microwaveable container and heat it for a minute or so until mushy and easily mixable.  Put a couple graham crackers in a baggy and squish the crap out of them until they’re just crumbs.

step 2

Step 3: Take a marshmallow and dip it in the chocolate. Then, do a little tap-tap-tap dance in the graham cracker crumbs.

step 3

Step 4: Put the finished marshmallows in the freezer for a few minutes to set the chocolate.

{sorry, I don’t have a picture of this because I may have been taste testing some of my messier s’more creations…}

Step 5: Put them on a pretty plate and take a bunch of pictures on Instagram to make everyone jealous and hungry.

step 4step 5

That’s it, you’re done!

They were delicious and also kinda pretty to display at my party (um, par-DIY). When I asked for feedback the only recommendations were to USE MORE CHOCOLATE! So next time I’m going to cover the marshmallows halfway or even two-thirds of the way. I also might try using regular sized marshmallows, so that that you can just pop one in your mouth (rather than gingerly biting at it).

Anyway, if you get a sweet craving over the weekend check and see if you have these three ingredients sitting in your pantry and make yourself a little treat!

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6 thoughts on “My Tried & Tested (and tested again) Easy S’mores Recipe”

  1. DUDE! I’ve got a bachelorette party coming up this weekend. I’m supposed to bring a snack. These are so portable! Throw a toothpick in there and you’ve got a fancy treat! Love, love, love!

  2. You want me to be on Weight Watchers my whole life.
    Don’t you?
    Juuust kidding.
    This is why you need to go on Shark Tank.
    Because you are FRICKIN AWESOME annnnnd because you had two amazeball ideas in one week.
    To quote David Cassidy, “I think I love you.”

  3. I want those in my mouth now! I made myself a microwaved s’more last night, and this would have been such a better, and more glamorous option.

  4. I took no photos, but I totally made these for that bachelorette party. I put them on lollipop sticks. S’mores on a stick y’all. It was DIVINE. We also took a Bollywood dance lesson. Guess who sucks at Indian dancing? (THIS GIRL!)

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