Not Geeky Enough?

I’m a winner.

No, really. Quirky Chrissy had a contest and I totally won a $25 gift certificate for Think Geek. Cool, right?

I’ve never actually checked out the Think Geek website before though, so it was pretty fun clicking around to decide what I would get for my free $25 of awesomeness.

After a bunch of clicking here and there I realized that I’m not really THAT geeky.  I’ve never actually watched a full episode of Doctor Who, I’m not that into Star Wars OR Star Trek, and I have no idea what a Minecraft is.

Hmm… I always through I had a little bit of geek going on. Maybe I’m more of a nerd instead? Which one is the one that likes to read? Would it be a geek or a nerd if you’re totally not ashamed when this song* comes on your Pandora mix station at work?

After my clicky-clicky travels, here are some of the items that made me giggle:

Campfire Cologne – What?! My husband can smell like a campfire? Heck, rub a marshmallow on him and I’m IN!

campfire cologne
Source: Think Geek

Texting Umbrella – With the texting umbrella I don’t have to choose between “staying dry and staying online,” so there’s that.

texting umbrella
Source: Think Geek

Bacon Soap – Who DOESN’T want bacon soap? It would go delightfully with the campfire cologne.

bacon soap
Source: Think Geek

Secret Decoder Ring – I actually kind of want this ring, but I’d have to buy one for all my friends so that we can have secret conversations. Oh and I’m totally bringing back handwritten notes on lined notebook paper too while I’m at it.

decoder ring
Source: Think Geek

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle – This would be perfect for BlogHer. I could promote my blog name AND have random people staring at my crotch!

Source: Think Geek

Cosplay Pajamas – Oh look, some special pajamas for sexytime!

Source: Think Geek

After much consideration, I think I’ve decided to go with something that is just very, very ME…

wonder woman shirt
Source: Think Geek

So a great big THANK YOU to Chrissy for the gift certificate! I’m going to rock the crap out of my Wonder Woman t-shirt.


* By the way, what is UP with the mostly-bald guy’s random head eyebrows he has going on?  And am I the only one who wasn’t expecting the Barbie Girl to be a tattooed brunette?

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3 thoughts on “Not Geeky Enough?”

  1. Bwahahaha 🙂 I’m glad you found something you like! it’s like one of those sites with ridiculous stuff that you’d never just buy for yourself, which is why I thought it would be a fun giveaway!

  2. I just realized I’m a MASSIVE geek. Not only am I a book nerd and a history nerd but I’m a Whovian, a Trekkie and I’m sacrilegious and like Star Wars as well. Oh and I like video games. And cats. OMG I’m a nerd.

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