Causebox Reviews: Best of Causebox

I’ve been a Causebox subscriber since Summer 2018 and over the past couple years I’ve been introduced to some really great products. Sometimes a product tends to be a bit of a sleeper hit and other times I know immediately that I love it. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my Causebox products for my top 6 favorites.

25 oz S’well bottle

I received the wood-toned S’well bottle in my Fall 2018 box and it was this product that made me finally understand the difference between S’well and the knockoff brands. This bottle is magic and truly does keep my water cold all day long! I still use this pretty much every week and it looks just as perfect as when I first received it.

SiiZU Winter Poncho Wrap

I received this poncho in my Winter 2018 Causebox and I’ve been wearing it for the past two years pretty regularly. It is perfect as light topper on a brisk day, an extra ‘blanket’ in the car when you’re waiting for it to warm up, and as a scarf topper when your winter coat is just not cutting it in the wind. It is still super soft and vibrant and I can see myself wearing this for many more years to come.

WYLD French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge


This little clay sponge was a sleeper hit from my Spring 2019 Causebox. I’ve liked it so much that I used a Causebox promo code to order another 3-pack for me to use. It’s the perfect combo of exfoliating without being too scratchy.



I received this pouch in the Summer 2019 Causebox and it is the perfect size for not only storing wet swimsuits in your bag, but keeping anything else dry when you’re at the beach. Over the summer I would throw in my wallet, chapstick, phone, and more and still have plenty of room. With this bag tossed in my beach bag, I didn’t need to worry about anything getting sandy OR wet.

Known Supply Weekend Duffel


I had no idea I even needed a duffle bag until I received this one in my Fall 2019 Causebox. Since receiving it, I’ve used it for a few different weekend overnight trips and it’s the perfect size for a change of clothes, shower stuff, pajamas and a pair of shoes. The longer strap is nice too, for throwing it over your shoulder when bogged down with a bunch of other stuff.

Derma E Hydrating Night Cream

I initially wasn’t very enthused about my Winter 2019 Causebox, but this night cream has proven itself to be my new favorite. I apply it every night and while it doesn’t feel awesome at that time… when I wake up in the morning my face is softer than it’s ever been. This little jar is going to last me a really long time, but when I do use it all up it’s pretty clear I’ll be buying some more!

While not every product I receive in Causebox is a total winner… I’ve certainly found enough favorites to keep me excited about what they’ll be surprising me with next!

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