More and More Pieces of Me

I wrote Pieces of Me way back in 2012, but in a way it feels like it was yesterday. If you haven’t read it, I urge you to click through and check it out — it’s a more thorough review of my moles vs. melanoma saga. Back then I had four different moles removed and had resigned myself to the fact that I’d be getting annual mole checks the rest of my life.

Well, since then I’ve been sticking with my annual mole checks, except now my yearly checks have increased to every 8 months. My dermatologist takes a look at each part of my body in what I call the ‘worlds most awkward striptease’ and any sketchy looking moles are either photographed for observation or I’m scheduled to come back and have them surgically removed. Two weeks after each surgery, I return to have my stitches removed and get my lab test results.

Each time, my moles are considered between moderate and severe on the pre-cancer meter. Each time I am relieved to not have melanoma.

At this point I’ve lost count. I think I’m up to having between 10 – 12 moles removed? At some point, you would think I’d run out of spots. Right?!

Anyways, my latest round of stitches have come out. And I’m healing again. The scars this time are pretty gnarly, but they’re better than skin cancer. And eventually they’ll fade just like the rest of them.

So, consider this your reminder to please, please, please book a yearly appointment with your dermatologist to have your moles looked at. And tell your loved ones. And tell your friends. Because you might end up saving someone’s life.

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