Celebrating National Ice Cream Month with a Contest

So, I’m a bit behind the times and didn’t actually realize until more than halfway through the month that July is National Ice Cream Month.

Really, a MONTH for the awesomeness of ice cream? And I didn’t KNOW about this?

How did I, a BREYERS AMBASSADOR, not know that July is National Ice Cream Month?!

Geez, if I had a crown they might take it away from me for this kind of behavior! I plan on making up for lost time by celebrating to the best of my ability for the next couple weeks. And by ‘best of my ability’ I mean eating as much ice cream as possible while still fitting into the super cute outfits I’m packing for BlogHer.

As a way to kick off my celebrations, I’ve decided that this weekend is going to be a Summer Spectacular at our house!

I’ve picked two things off our Family Summer Sand Bucket List and decided that they’re happening this weekend:

  • Enjoy an ice cream cone with sprinkles (because Sunday is National Ice Cream Day!)
  • See a movie in a super cold air conditioned theater

My amazing brother has volunteered to babysit Jack for us, so my husband and I are having a DATE on Sunday. In the last 17 months, we’ve actually only had 2 dates without our son so this is kind of a big deal. A big deal that will include ice cream AND a movie!

I want to treat you guys too so that everyone can celebrate National Ice Cream Month! Let’s have a little contest:

How to enter my awesome contest:
Leave a comment below and tell me how you’re planning on celebrating National Ice Cream Month and your favorite ice cream flavor.

The prizes:*
Grand Prize (1 awarded): $25 Target gift card and a coupon for free Breyers ice cream
Runner Up Prizes (3 awarded): a coupon for free Breyers ice cream

The Sprinkles on Top of the Ice Cream:
In addition to my little contest, Breyers is running a “Share your Moments” contest on their Facebook page. You can enter it now through September 23, 2013 by submitting your delicious moments to www.facebook.com/breyers. One lucky winner will be showcased within the Winner’s Gallery each week and will receive exciting prizes, such as a tablet and a year’s supply of Breyers.

Pretty yummy, right?

I’ll accept entries from now until noon on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Good luck!

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in the Breyers Blogger Program. Visit www.facebook.com/breyers to join the conversation.

*All prizes have been provided by Breyers. They will send the $25 Target gift card directly to the grand prize winner. I will mail the coupons (also provided by Breyers) to all four winners.


7/24/13 Update: Winners have been chosen by a random number generator! Grand Prize Winner of $25 Target gift card and coupon for free Breyers ice cream: Teri. Three Runner Up winners (who win a coupon for free Breyers ice cream): Words for Worms, Ryan R and Kari. I will be emailing the winners directly to let them know that they won. Thank you everyone for playing!

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28 thoughts on “Celebrating National Ice Cream Month with a Contest”

  1. How I’m celebrating National Ice Cream Month? In a perfect world, I’d be shoving every flavor of ice cream I could lay my hands on into my pie hole. In reality, I’m going to have a big bowl this evening.

    Favorite flavor? Do I have to pick just one? I love Chocolate, Dutch Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Choco-cherry (am I starting to sound like Bubba from Forrest Gump?)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I plan to celebrate national Ice Cream Month by enjoying a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream treat in Disney World with my son on our trip at the end of the month. My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road. Or is it peanut butter? Or just good old plain chocolate? Do I have to choose??

  3. Our family will celebrate National Ice Cream month by eating ice cream at sunset whilst swinging on the porch. All five of us together on one, old, wooden swing. Our favorite flavor is whatever is the most chocolate-y (yes, that is a word in my book).

  4. I did not realize this either or I would have been “celebrating” daily! And by “celebrating” I mean shoving large spoonfuls of ice cream down my gullet. This is the best excuse ever for eating it! 🙂 I love ice cream. And I love it even more in the middle of a heat wave! So tonight, on my way home, I will not hesitate in front of the freezer door, I will grab that tub without hesitation! It will probably be Ben & Jerry’s Fish Food ice cream…my absolute favorite. Though Starbuck’s JavaChip ice cream comes in a close second!

  5. I plan to celebrate by having a bowl of ice cream with my son tonight after we take a bike ride. My favorite is either a bowl of mint chip with a scoop of chocolate or a bowl of coconut with a scoop of chocolate. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. In celebration of ice cream month we will eat ice cream just about everyday. Then the kids(4 of them) will have a dance party to burn off the calories and their sugar high!! Anything with chocolate in it is our favorite!!

  7. I am going to do what I do every month of the year and go to Culvers with my family to get chocolate ice cream with Heath bars! Wanna come??

      1. We have them in Rockford, Illinois. They have the best butter burgers and frozen custard ice cream..They have a flavor of the day…yummy!

  8. I plan on celebrating by taking my daughter to the local creamery so she can get her favorite, Smurf ice cream. My favorite is mint chocolate chip.

  9. Enjoy the date – you guys need to get out more often.
    My family is the type that has i.c. in the fridge throughout the winter. So, we are the type who perpetually celebrate ice cream. However, we currently have the makings of a sundae. I will have to, yes have to, make a Sundae on Sunday.

  10. Let’s see… I will celebrate by filling a wading pool with half-melted mint chocolate chip (my fave) and ‘chilling’ out for a while in it… with a moose… and possibly a woodchuck… in a suit. Me in the suit of course. That would just be weird if a woodchuck wore a suit.

    Good enough? lol

  11. Well I am celebrating this weekend because a new ice cream parlor is opening up one block from my house! One.block.from.my.house. My favorite favors are mint chocolate chip, pralines and cream and honey graham.

  12. Coffee java chip. Or mint chocolate chip. Or Moose Tracks. Or Peanut Butter Cup. Or a Young’s Double Stout Float. Or a double Ginger/Burnt Caramel gelati from American Spoon Foods. Or maybe a chocolate concrete from Ted Drewes in STL. How do I celebrate National Ice Cream Month? I suppose I could try to eat all of this during the month of July. If I have to. I guess.

  13. I’m celebrating national ice cream month by saying “YES” to my husband everytime he asks if I want ice cream. Because, really, the answer is always “YES” anyways. My favorite flavor? That’s a really tough one- there are so many to choose from! I think I’ll go with the tried and true chocolate chip cookie dough (but basically? I like all of it. ALL THE ICE CREAM!)

  14. Every month is National Ice Cream Month at our house. I have one daughter that could be an ambassador, too!! So far I’ve been celebrating with the BOGOs at Publix 😉 My favorite flavor would have to be cookies & cream.

  15. Celebrating by rootbeer floats to start and ice cream sundaes to finish! And maybe ice cream shakes in between 🙂 And an ice cream sandwich to round it all out 🙂

  16. my favorite ice cream is rocky road and I guess I’ll have to eat as much as possible for national ice cream month!

  17. I plan on celebrating around the pool with my fav-o-rite Breyers flavors…butter almond and coffee…YAY! I love National Ice Cream month. Who doesn’t like ice cream?

  18. I had the most amazing milkshake this weekend! Coat the inside of the glass with carmel sauce then blend vanilla ice cream with milke and JAMISON WHISKEY! AMAZING 🙂
    My favorite ice cream flavor is just plain vanilla but first I melt peanut butter in the bottom of the bowl then add three scoops of vanilla and top with whip cream and a crunched up peanut butter cup! YUMMY!

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