Clothing Purge Report: January, February & March 2023

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Clothing Purge Report and I’ve been selling up a storm lately, so I figure now is a good time for a quick update. Throughout the year, I typically add items to my Poshmark closet as I do little cleanouts here and there. I also belong to a couple brand-specific Facebook groups where I’ve sold some items as well.

Lately, I’ve been super ruthless in my purging. If I don’t love it, I list it. I change – my body changes, my needs change, my moods change. I’m slowly narrowing down to just a closet of my favorites and frankly it feels wonderful to have a selection of items that fit well and make me feel happy and confident.

Let’s take a look at what I have sold since the start of 2023:

Sold on Poshmark:

  • Athleta cardigan, $35
  • Eileen Fisher moto jacket, $28
  • Stitch Fix shorts, $22
  • Anthropologie Maeve floral blouse, $15
  • Boden Gingham Shirt dress, $38
  • Anthropologie Maeve bird blouse, $20
  • Eileen Fisher beaded blouse, $31
  • notPERFECT LINEN dress, $105
  • J.Jill linen cardigan, $19
  • Eileen Fisher maxi skirt, $30
  • Eileen Fisher cotton cardigan, $45
  • Athleta sweatshirt, $26
  • Frye moto boot, $95
  • Rothy’s booties, $65

Every item was purchased secondhand, except for the Rothy’s booties which were purchased with referral credits. Most of the items were loved, worn and sent back into the world because they weren’t exactly what I need. Some that were thrifted made a little profit after the selling fees, and others pretty much broke even if I found them on Posh or at a consignment shop.

Sold on Facebook groups:

  • notPERFECT LINEN blouse, $65
  • notPERFECT LINEN blouse, $55
  • notPERFECT LINEN tank top, $50
  • Rough & Tumble purse, $165
  • Rothy’s kid’s sneakers, $25
  • Rough + Tumble cross-body purse, $55
  • Flax Skirt, $25

I’m a member of a few brand-specific Facebook groups for Rothy’s, notPERFECT LINEN and Rough + Tumble. I enjoy the community aspect in each of the groups and they are all very good for buying/selling.

From a buyer’s perspective, you get people who are very passionate about the brands, so there are much more disclosures about measurements, wear, customizations, etc which can be beneficial when you’re searching for something specific. From a seller’s perspective, you get much better prices because the buyers value the brand. You also get to skip the Poshmark fees, but must pay for the cost of postage out of your sales price.

I purchased all three of the notPERFECT LINEN blouses on Poshmark, but sold them on the Facebook groups because it allowed me to break even on the sales since I paid for Poshmark fees, taxes and shipping on the purchases. The two purses were brought secondhand, where I probably came close to breaking even. As for the sneakers, I paid $55 for them new, Jack barely wore them, and I sold them for $25. The skirt was thrifted and sold at a small profit.

I share all this to show that I’m not getting rich off clothing sales. It’s more about enjoying an item and selling it to someone who will continue to enjoy it. I typically break even with my purchase costs/sales once you subtract out fees, taxes, postage, etc.

If you’re looking for tips on buying off of Poshmark, check out this post I wrote: 6 Tips for Buying on Poshmark. When you open your account, you can use my special invite code to open an account and get $5 off your first order. Just use: POCKETFULOFJOUL And here is a direct link to my closet: Feel free to make an offer on something if you love it!

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