Cool Kid Clothes: Picked by Jack

I mentioned recently that Jack grew out of a bunch of his clothes. Again. So we made a quick shopping trip to buy him a few more things and suddenly the boy has an opinion on fashion.

Normally, he just puts on anything I lay out on his dresser the night before – with the random exception of suddenly not liking a shirt because it’s too scratchy.

So, if you have a 7-year-old who is obsessed with comfortable clothes and video games, here are his top picks:

Jack’s t-shirt picks:


These three were his favorites, along with a few other options that we saw in the store that are not online: Pac-Man Graphic Tee, Minecraft Graphic Tee, and Super Mario Graphic Tee.

Jack’s shorts picks:


We always have a few pairs of cargo shorts on hand, but Jack tends to wear the work-out shorts for most of the summer. We found a few great options at TJ Maxx and picked these two pairs up from Old Navy: Cargo Jogger Shorts and Go Dry Mesh Shorts.

Jack’s shoe & sock picks:

Sources: and

Jack isn’t the only person in our house obsessed with Rothy’s! When they launched the kid’s sneakers I let Jack pick out two pairs — he went for the blue octopus and the flames. He wears one or the other every single day and I finally threw the octopus pair in the washing machine earlier this week because they STUNK. One quick wash on cold later and they are clean again AND smell great! He likes to pair his slip-on sneakers with these striped Cat & Jack Ankle socks from Target. You can find Rothy’s kid sneakers here.

I have to say, I love Jack’s cool video gamer style!

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