April Thrift Haul & Two Thrifting Tips

I had an awful-very-bad-day last week, so I decided that I really, really, really needed a mental health day. Which is how I ended up taking off a random Wednesday with no plan, other than to treat myself gently, eat some yummy food… and do a little thrifting.

Two Thrifting Tips:

Tip #1: If you have a kiddo just starting to read thrift stores are a TREASURE trove of books. I bought Jack 15 books that he can read himself for just 99 cents each. And once he outgrows them, I’ll be donating them back to the thrift store for another kiddo to enjoy. So, don’t forget about the kid’s books!

Tip #2: Look for off-season items! Many people who go to thrift stores are looking for immediate use items, so don’t be afraid to look for warm weather stuff in the middle of the winter and cold weather stuff as the temperatures are rising. This month I found a great sweater and pair of booties. Sure, I can’t wear them right now… but that doesn’t mean I won’t love them in the fall!

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Soft Surroundings Tank Top, $2.99

Soft Surroundings is known for their super soft fabrics and kind of ridiculous prices. I scooped up a cardigan from the brand when thrifting a couple months ago and really like it, so when I saw this tank top I threw it in my cart. It’s just an easy tank that I’ll be adding to my pajama drawer and wearing the heck out of this spring and summer. Would I have paid $30 – 50 for it from the Soft Surroundings store? Nope. But for $3 I’ll certainly enjoy it!

Loft Striped Sweater, $6.99

To answer your question, no I don’t have enough striped sweaters! This one is super thin and soft, without being transparent. It also has NO wool in it and is perfectly oversized and slouchy. So expect to see a lot of this one in the fall when the weather cools back down!

Loft Skirt, $19.99

This one was a total thrifting ‘splurge’ at $20, but it still had the tags on it for $59.99 and I really liked it, so I figured I’d pay up a little. This one feels very ‘Anthropologie’ styled to me and I originally thought I’d wear it to work with a nice tops and/or cardigan. But, then I realized how cute it looks with a graphic tee, so it’s possible this one may make some weekend appearances too!

Cobb Hill leather sandals, $5.99

Once again, the power of ignoring size labels in thrifting worked for me. These are marked as a size 7.5, but they fit more like a typical 8.5… which is my size. I love the pretty greenish/blue color of these and I wore them already last week!

Clarks leather and suede studded booties, $7.99

I saw these on the thrift rack and they SCREAMED well-made from a pile of plastic/pleather boots. I LOVE Clarks boots and shoes and these are gorgeous in person. They are a mix of brown leather and suede with the fun studded straps. I found them online and they are called the Swansea Grove suede motorcycle booties and they are currently selling for $150 on Amazon. They fit great and I’m going to pack them away so that when I pull out my fall clothes it’s like I found a new gift for myself!

Did you have any luck thrifting this month? Share your scores!

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4 thoughts on “April Thrift Haul & Two Thrifting Tips”

  1. Such cute stuff! Especially the green shoes! Now you have me hankering for the consignment shop I go to. We were too late this weekend. I am a Loft lover, too. Good stuff!

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