Costume Cuteness

Happy Halloween everyone!

I wasn’t actually planning to post today, but Jack was looking through one of our old photo albums and I realized I had some super adorable Halloween costume pictures to share.

Taking it WAY back, here I am in elementary school rocking my butterfly costume. I’m pretty sure my favorite thing about this picture is the white panties sticking out from under my leotard.


Let’s see, my sisters look like they’re about 2 in this picture… which makes my brother 3 1/2 and me around 15 years old. I’m Peter Pan and I remember being peeved that my shirt didn’t match my tights. My sisters are little clowns — Katie (in my lap) is obviously over it while the death grip I have on Kelsey’s arm makes me think she was trying to bolt. Jason is Mickey Mouse, for the first time.

peter pan and friends

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. The next year had the return of Mickey, Kelsey was a bee and Katie-bug was a Ladybug. Adorable. Of course, they’re all in their 20’s now.bee lady bug mickey mouse

Serious Batman. Because Batman doesn’t smile. Duh.


Fast-forward to college and the only “sexy” Halloween costume I can remember doing. I was a ‘fallen angel’ in pleather pants and a tube top. Look at that adorable little tummy… I miss it. I really do. Oh and I blurred my friend’s face because I haven’t seen him in 20 years and wasn’t able to ask him permission to post this.

fallen angel

Jump forward a bit and here is my little lion from last year. The costume still mostly fits, so it’s possible that Jack may wear this for one day over the weekend at Hershey Park.

jack lion

And here is today, my stylish Minnie Mouse (put together with Stitch Fix from head-to-toe):

minnie mouse

What is your favorite Halloween costume? Did you carry a pillowcase from door-to-door when you were little, or have a fancy pumpkin bucket?

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