Halloween Festivities

Does Halloween last a full week for you guys too?

My goodness have we had a lot of Halloween activities going on over here! We started last weekend – Jack’s daycare had their fall festival, which included Halloween activities and a costume contest.

Here’s his VERY first face painting experience… luckily it only took about 25 seconds to do. Don’t mind the chocolate on his face, that’s pretty standard with him (and me).

Face painting

And here is “ghost bowling” which is basically a bunch of toilet paper with faces drawn on it. I’m going to guess that you don’t actually use the TP afterwards…

Ghost bowling

I left the party to go to my girlfriend’s baby shower and then after nap time we put our costumes back on because the town of Westminster had a HUGE trick or treat event down Main Street where most of the businesses gave out candy.

The evening was topped off with a Halloween parade, which was pretty darn awesome. Whenever you mix in people holding bunny rabbits, tractors, mini motorcycle wheelies and a brass band… well, that’s some good stuff! The only drawback was at the end of the parade Santa Clause was waving to the kids wishing them Happy Halloween.

Um. WHAT?!
EVERYONE knows Santa doesn’t come around until the end of the Thanksgiving parade!

Fast forward a few days to Tuesday afternoon and we had Jack’s daycare Halloween party. I was super excited because this was the very first ‘school’ activity that I’d really been to, so I couldn’t wait to peek in on Jack hanging out with his school friends.

Of course it totally backfired.

While I was there Jack decided to “show off” for mommy and be a total terror. There was an instance (or two) of shoving little girls and stealing their beanbags. Sigh. His teacher assures me that he is usually a quiet and well-behaved angel in her class and I’m crossing my fingers that she’s not just trying to be nice…

Here he is before the monster came out.

Jack school party

This might be like a split-second before he started stealing all the beanbags for himself:

Jack class beanbag

None of this Halloween awesomeness compares to the excitement I’m feeling for this upcoming weekend though… we are going to the Hershey Park After Dark celebration!

We went last year too,  but this year is going to be SO MUCH better. Jack is a year older, so he’s much more into the fun of an amusement park. Also, he’s MUCH taller so he will be able to ride more rides. All three of us will be in our costumes and the Hershey Trick-or-Treat Adventure with HERSHEY CANDY can’t be beat! Also, we’ve decided to splurge a little and stay overnight so that we can have TWO days of awesomeness. I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I come back next week!

Tell me about your Halloween plans – do you have a full week of activities? What is your favorite Halloween candy? Will I see you at Hershey Park After Dark this weekend?

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Festivities”

  1. Monster or not, Jack is adorable. I like that he’s pointing to his pumpkin face paint. I will do kid stuff with him anytime 😀 He and Travis are so stinking cute dressed as twins!

    Santa being at a Halloween parade is NOT okay in my book. Christmas needs to calm down and let Halloween and Thanksgiving have their time to shine.

    I didn’t grow up in a traditional neighborhood with lots of kids, so my favorite part of Halloween since we moved into our house has been the Trick-or-Treaters! They’re all so excited and so cute, and I give them all too much candy but I can’t help it!

    But my all-time favorite part of Halloween ever in my life, is that my mom handmade our costumes. I have some really great Halloween memories 🙂

    1. Thanks Jessy! We had a bunch of Trick or Treaters at our old house, but now that we are in the country we don’t get ANY at all. I’m totally up for making a handmade costume, but Travis couldn’t resist having a twin… 😉

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