Crafting Your Own Signature Style: A “Me Made” Denim Jacket

I’ve felt the creative bug recently and have a bunch of fun projects on deck — including an embroidered Converse shoe idea, a large thrifted canvas that I can’t wait to paint, and a cool way of upcycling a denim jacket into a one-of-a-kind vest.

First up, the vest! This is actually my third ‘me made’ denim jacket project… and they are all different. There is just something about the joy and creativity of making a personalized denim jacket that calls to me. And by customizing a thrifted item rather than purchasing something at retail prices, it takes away the guilt factor of potentially *ruining* a perfectly good piece of clothing.

Before we jump into my ideas for this project, let’s take a moment to check out my last two ‘me made’ denim jackets:

The pale pink jean jacket was perfect for some embroidery and a fun pop of fabric inside. You can read all about creating this jacket here: DIY Embroidered Jacket Project. I loved the process of making this one, but I’ve never actually worn it. Now that I’m looking at it again, I think it might need MORE. More what? Not sure yet. Maybe some tie-dye, bleach dye, or even paint? This one is still a work in progress and I’ll pick it back up when the mood strikes me.

For the blue denim jacket, I had a specific idea of a mix of kantha patches and made my vision a reality. You can read about it here: DIY Style Fun: Adding Kantha Fabric to a Denim Jacket. I have worn this project and it looks super cute over pretty much any dress in my closet.

Part of what I love about a good denim jacket project is that you get to pick the perfect denim fabric and add unique embellishments like patches, embroidery, fabric, paint, beads or customized buttons and it can be perfectly YOU for very little money. My pink jacket above was thrifted for $12 and the denim one was thrifted for $15. There are always TONS of fun denim jackets at the thrift store, so definitely look there first!

I recently had the idea that I’d like to add a denim vest to my wardrobe. So, with that in mind I picked up yet another denim jacket at the thrift store. This one was just $8.99!

I’m planning to cut off the sleeves at the seams and then do something fun with the back panel. I may also add a little something to the front too, we will just have to see how it all turns out when I start working on it.

When it comes to inspiration for this project, I’m kind of all over the place. Here are the top ideas that are currently in my head:

This Sunrise Moonrise dress from Thread + Sprout (click the arrow to see the moon side, that’s the one I really love):

This sweatshirt and sweater from Marine Layer:

These adorable embroidered projects from Flynn and Mabel:

Right now, I’m thinking I might do some sort of hybrid idea — perhaps a moon and stars on the back (with some of those cool mountains on the bottom) and then some embroidery on the front pocket? I haven’t done anything with paint in awhile, so maybe I’ll paint the back and then surround each color with embroidery or even beads.

The possibilities are endless!

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