Croissants (not) from Scratch

Fun fact: when choosing which language I wanted to learn in school I chose French, even though everyone else I knew took Spanish. I actually took one year of French in middle school, followed by two more years of French in high school before deciding to take a year of Spanish.

Another fun fact: I can’t speak French OR Spanish. However, I know JUST enough French to be able to ask for directions and understand the answer (proven on a trip to Luxembourg) and enough Spanish to order a meal (proven on a trip to Spain). So, that’s a win in my book!

One of the only things I remember from middle school French class was when we were able to eat French food. Obviously. Because food is the most important part of ANY language class. Even to this day, I have a weakness for crepes and croissants.

A super-weakness, which is why when I saw croissants in the freezer case at Trader Joe’s I jumped on it and threw a few into my cart. I’m having some girlfriends over for brunch soon, so I figured it would be a fun addition to some brunchy snacks. Of course, I needed to make sure they tasted okay (obviously), so I decided to make a couple to try before my get-together.

Here’s what they look like when they come out of the freezer, super frozen little blocks o’ croissants. You’re supposed to put them on a baking sheet and let them rise over night.

photo 1

And RISE they do. Holy Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! I literally yelled out It’s so FLUFFY, I’m going to DIE! I don’t know if I let them rise for too long or if maybe I should have smooshed them back down a little bit… any ideas?

photo 2

I followed the directions and put the pan in the oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Then, I spooned on a little powdered sugar.

photo 3

YUM! They are certainly puffier than I expected them to be, but they are so delicious that I could probably pass them off as homemade. Of course, none of my friends would believe that I actually made homemade croissants because who actually has time for that?! I’m thinking I’ll add these to my list of Trader Joe’s staples though, along with their awesome mushroom risotto and cookie butter!

Have you ever tried the frozen croissants from Trader Joe’s? Do you get something awesome at Trader Joe’s that I should try? What is your favorite random movie quote to yell out?


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Trader Joe’s, or anyone. I just thought these croissants were pretty darn yummy and wanted to share.

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2 thoughts on “Croissants (not) from Scratch”

  1. I had these a few weeks ago! But a slightly different kind that was just basically covered in sugar but still from trader joes. SO. GOOD.

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