SALE ALERT: Kid Fashion Emergency!

Ok guys, we’ve talked kid fashion before but right now we have a KID FASHION EMERGENCY! I just moseyed over to the Gap website and saw that they are having a pretty awesome sale on their summer clothes. Which works out great because we realized when we were in Disney World that Jack currently has 4 t-shirt that fit him… and he’s already starting to show a little belly.

My mom was awesome and got him some short sleeved tops and shorts for his birthday, but I still have it on my list to stock up when I see some good deals.


And I wanted to share them with you in case you need to do some summer shopping for your kiddo too. I had been hoping that Gap would have a sale because their quality is a lot better than I’ve been finding lately at Old Navy. While Old Navy is still my go-to store for Jack’s pants, I’ve found that the shirts start looking really cracked and worn after a month or two of regular wear.

Anywho… let’s get on to the deals.

A bunch of stuff is already up to 40% off, which ends today and then you can get an extra 25% off if you use the promo code SAVE (it says there are some exclusions, but everything I chose applied).

Here’s what I just ordered:

Gap haul

Burgundy hoodie – was $29.99, on sale for $19.99
Gray sweatshirt – was $24.99, on sale for $11.99
Baseball t-shirt – was $18.95, on sale for $13.99
Orange Gap shirt – was $14.95, on sale for $8.97
Blue Gap shirt – was $14.95, on sale for $8.97
Surf shirt – was $16.95, on sale for $10.17
Orange truck shirt – was $16.95, on sale for $10.17
Best Day Ever shirt – was $16.95, on sale for $10.17
Cool like Lemonade shirt – was $16.95, on sale for $10.17
Happy Camper shirt – was $16.95, on sale for $10.17
Motorcycle shirt – was $16.95, on sale for $10.17
Fish shirt – – was $16.95, on sale for $10.17

THEN, take 25% off of everything, add tax… and I got the whole shabang for $99.33!

So there you go…. SALE ALERT. And it’s not just on boys clothes, all the sections — including men and women’s — are having their “spring break” sale right now. Let me know what you get!

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