Cruise Style: What to Wear on a Cruise

I know, I know… yet ANOTHER cruise post?!

I was actually going back and forth on whether to write this one, but a few of you asked me for details on my snazzy swimsuits, so I figured I’d throw a little something together.

To be honest, I didn’t really take any outfit pictures while I was on vacation. I was thinking about recreating each outfit at home, but then I realized that would require a shower and makeup… so that didn’t actually happen.

Instead, I hunted down pictures from previous times I wore each outfit and threw them together for you.

First off, let’s talk swimsuits!


As you saw in last week’s post I wore two different swimsuits on our trip. And in each picture I have strategically positioned my kid in front of me for the most flattering look. Just kidding. Every other picture of me in a swimsuit either is of my butt (thanks Travis) or looks like this:

blurry swimsuit pic

Believe me when I say I’m not really a ‘post pictures of myself in a swimsuit on the internet’ kind of girl, but these vintage-styled swimsuits are pretty magical. They somehow suck in the belly, push out the boobies and keep everything PG for chasing around your kid. This is actually my second time buying the red polka dotted version (my previous one lasted four years of heavy wear) and my first try at the black cherries version.

If you want to try it for yourself, I highly recommend going up one size above your normal swimsuit size to get a perfect fit. I usually wear a 12 and I’m wearing a size 14 in both suits. Nobody knows your size. I mean, unless you tell the internet… oops.

For men’s swimsuits, we are big fans of Target’s board shorts. I just checked out their current selection and really like the Seascape Stretch Board Shorts in Burnside and the Multi Stripe in Acid Green.

I pretty much dress Jack exclusively in Gap and Old Navy, so I love this orange striped version and this more reasonably priced fish print pair. They are always having sales, so if you see stuff you like just wait a few days and it will probably be cheaper!

I’m going to skip right over our daytime looks, because we kept it comfy in t-shirts and jeans (or shorts). I bought all four t-shirts from my last Trunk Club post, so I wore all of them along with some of my previous favorites.

Let’s talk evening clothes!

On a 7 night cruise, there are two elegant nights and the rest are considered “cruise casual” nights. However, they have photographers set up all over the boat each evening and I was hoping for a good family picture, so we dressed nice for five evenings.

Here are the dresses I wore on the cruise:

Cruise dresses

As I mentioned, sorry for not taking new pictures… these are from my Instagram account over the past few months. The floral dress is a Maggy London dress that I got in my September Stitch Fix. The maxi dress was from Anthropologie last summer. The black top and floral skirt were both from Trunk Club. The pink dress (I didn’t wear tights, booties or a sweater) was from TJ Maxx last year. And the blue eyelet dress was a Marshall’s find.

We did end up getting a nice family photo taken, so I consider that a win!


For Travis, most evenings he wore a dark pair of Banana Republic jeans and either a polo or a button up shirt. He just got this pair called the Vintage Straight Cut Resin jeans and likes them a lot. I bought him a similar Camden-fit windowpane shirt for Christmas, knowing he’d need it for our trip. Did I mention my husband very rarely dresses up? It’s so bad that I realized the day before we left that he didn’t have any nice jeans (HOW do you lose two pairs of jeans?!) so we had to go to the mall that evening for an emergency shopping trip.

prince jack

Jack actually LOVES to dress up and each night he either wore jeans and a polo or a cute button up shirt/tie combo. I bought him a few shirt/tie sets at Nordstrom Rack in the fall and it looks like they have his exact checkered shirt still for sale.

As promised in my second cruise post, I have a little story to share:

This cruise was really the first time I’d had my arm tattoo out in the world on display. So, I was pretty surprised at the demographic of people who were totally into it. About half a dozen times, I had a much older man or woman come up to me to compliment me on my sleeve. Usually they would start the conversation with, “I’m not really a tattoo person, but I just have to tell you that I think your arm tattoo is really beautiful.” It was really flattering and usually turned into a discussion of how long it took and why I chose each flower. One night, while standing in line to go into the dining room for dinner, an older lady in her 70’s complimented me on my tattoo, started stroking my arm to feel it… and then tried to smell me.

Do you like to dress up on vacation, or do you use it as an opportunity to be lazy and comfortable? Have you ever had a tattoo fondled by a stranger?


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20 thoughts on “Cruise Style: What to Wear on a Cruise”

  1. I admire how you dress yourself. You have a style and you just always look so put together. Your swimsuits are no exception, you are HOTT!! Lucky Travis 😉

    Your tattoo is beautiful, I’m glad people told you! I feel like people think compliments to themselves and say critical things out loud and I’m glad these people live the reverse. I’m definitely going to sniff you the next time I see you.

    1. Awww, thanks Jessy! And I will probably forget about this by time I see you next and try to play off the fact that you are smelling me… lol

  2. I’ve never been on a cruise but you sure make it look fantastic! I love the red and white polka-dot swimsuit. I’ve always wanted one like that!

    1. Thanks so much Brittany. I was always a bikini girl and felt like one-pieces were for old people. BUT, I love my Modcloth one pieces and feel super cute in them!

  3. Loved your outfits and swimsuits! You look like you had an amazing time. I keep seeing StitchFix stepping up their game for so many of my friends and fellow bloggers. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s really getting tempting.

    1. Thanks so much Steffanie. I was a HUGE fan of Stitch Fix, but over the last few months my opinion is changing. I’m giving them one last shot in a couple weeks… so we will see how it goes!

    1. Thank you so much Shannon! Jack is in a weird phase with smiling for pictures… so I’m glad to have gotten one with a normal smile! =)

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