Day 1 of My Exciting New Life

Today was my first actual workday of being unemployed.

A month ago or so, when I thought about what my life would be like without a job, I imagined that I’d sleep in nice and late. Then I might make myself a healthy breakfast, do a yoga DVD and spend some time looking through the job sites online. Maybe I’d have lunch with a friend, send out a couple resumes in the afternoon, watch some TV, read a book, and then make a delicious and healthy dinner which would emit lots of yummy noises from my husband.

Yeah, none of this actually happened today.

After waking up to his phone alarm at 6:30 am, my husband must have accidentally ‘snoozed’ the alarm instead of turning it off. So, it went off every 10 minutes while he was getting ready in the other room. And it was really LOUD. In my half-asleep state I couldn’t figure out how to make it stop, so I gave up and got up.

With that wonderful start, here’s the good & bad from my first day at home:

In the Good pile:

    • Did some freelance social media work for a consulting client. Love consulting!
    • Was interviewed by a reporter for an article that will be coming out in about a month. Super excited about this and I’ll keep you posted with more details when I can.
    • Prepared for an upcoming interview where I need to give a 10 minute presentation to their search committee on my ideas for marketing their program. After an initial brain-freeze moment (if by moment you mean multiple days), I finally found my zone and started scribbling down lots of ideas. Tomorrow I need to clarify everything and turn it into an actual presentation with visuals.
    • Spoke to a recruiter about another potential job opportunity.
    • Got in lots of snuggle time with my cute little dog, Potter. I even dragged his fluffy dog bed to a spot next to my desk, so that he could relax while still keeping his eye on me.
    • A friend of mine informed me that one of my wedding photos is on a photographer’s flyer on the bulletin board at a local Starbucks. Besides adding “must visit Starbucks and look at their bulletin board” to my list, I took a minute to check out the photographer’s new website. There are probably 20 photos from my wedding (3 years ago) in her portfolio. Besides being totally flattered, I’m also feeling a bit weepy from reliving my amazingly wonderful wedding day.

In the Crappy pile:

    • Part of moving means that I needed to purchase rental insurance for our new household. Apparently in order to cover my engagement ring, I need to get a new appraisal for their files. What I didn’t realize is how much it costs to get an appraisal! Of course, now that I’ve called around I found out that the price varies depending on which store you call.
    • I had interviewed for a position last Friday and felt really good about it. Got a phone call this afternoon saying that not only did I NOT get the position; it’s going to someone I know. Ouch! What’s worse is that this isn’t the first time this has happened to me.
    • Throughout the entire day, where I’ve been awake for about 12 hours so far — I’ve literally only spoken to three people*. My interviewer and two quick phone calls. I’m dying to chat with someone and will most likely launch myself at my husband like a hyper spidermonkey when he walks in the door.

So, all in all it seems like today was much more good than bad. I was certainly busy all day long, which was nice. I hate nothing more than to be bored with nothing to do. I’m disappointed about not getting the position that I interviewed for, but have to focus on the positive and hope that there is something better just around the corner.

* I’m not really including Potter in this, even though we’ve had many conversations throughout the day. For those who are curious about what we talk about (ok, I admit it is mostly one-sided) it ranges from: “Why are you licking your paw? Does it taste yummy?” to “Come over here and snuggle with me” and “Do you think I should include focus groups in this marketing plan?” No, he doesn’t actually talk back to me… but he has very expressive eyes.

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