December Thrift Haul

Technically, I thrifted these items in November… but I had already published my November Thrift Haul, so I scooted them over to December. And THEN I didn’t even have the opportunity to thrift at all this month. So yeah, I’m totally suffering from thrift withdrawal!

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Let’s take a look at my kinda December thrift haul:

Loft dress, $14.99 green tag on sale for 50% off, $7.99

This one still had a nub of the original Loft tag on it, so I’m guessing that’s why my favorite thrift store marked it up at $15! It’s oversized and the fabric is nice and soft, but it is pretty darn shapeless. I know it’s a summer dress, but I’m imagining it with tights, boots and a long cardigan. Maybe a scarf too?

Ellen Tracy tie-cardigan, $5.99 purple tag on sale for 33% off, $4

This lightweight cotton cardigan has pockets and a fun tie that you can either tie in the front or cinch it into a bow in the back. I love the color! It’s in perfect condition, so I think this will be a wonderful topper for work with pants and then when it starts looking a bit worn I’ll transition it into loungewear!

Okay, in preparation for this next score I have to show you some of the dresses that I’ve been drooling over on my Instagram feed:

VELVET. SO MUCH PRETTY VELVET. So when I saw this next item, I snatched it up and crossed my fingers that it would fit:

Velvet wrap dress, $9.99 purple tag on sale for 33% off, $6.70

I mean, it was like someone plucked exactly what I’ve been wanting out of my mind and then marked it down to $6.70! The brand is nothing fancy, but the ¾” sleeves, super soft velvet and twirly skirt is perfect for me to wear this winter. Here is a close-up of the super soft and plush velvet:

I’m thinking I’ll pair it with sparkly flats now and then and then in January maybe throw on a pair of tights and booties!

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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One thought on “December Thrift Haul”

  1. Oh, I love that dress! So pretty! You found a good deal there! I love velvet. The wrap of this dress is so nice. It isn’t a real heavy velvet,so that’s good. Good job! I never find anything good at the thrift store, anymore. Maybe I am just at the wrong store!

    Thanks for sharing your velvet finds!

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