December Wrap Up: What I Wore

It’s time for my (very last) monthly wrap up where I show you the outfits I wore throughout the month.  My reasoning behind doing the wrap up is that whenever I check out other bloggers wrap ups, I’m always inspired by the different ways they style the same items over and over again. So, hopefully I can help someone else out of a wardrobe rut!

The University where I work closes for the holiday, so I only have 6 outfits for this month. The rest of the time, I basically lived in the same comfy clothes and barely left the house!

Here are my December looks:

I put little hearts next to my most popular outfits according to my Instagram friends. I appreciate all the love!

New in rotation for December is that fabulous Anthropologie patterned tunic in row 2, outfit 3. I scored it on Poshmark for a steal and I LOVE it! The only outfit I’m not really digging is that green sweater in row 1, outfit 2. I decided to list it for sale on my Instagram account and it’s going off to it’s new owner tomorrow!

After 12 months of sharing my monthly outfit wrap up… I think this will be the last one. You’re welcome to follow along with my outfit photos on Instagram (find me here), but I don’t think I’ll be doing any more wrap ups on the blog.

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