Distraction Ball

A few years ago my husband and I were hanging out with some friends at a snazzy outdoor party and I think we were doing something totally out of character like playing volleyball. We’re not really the sporty types, so it was probably fueled by peer pressure or beer… but we did it. At some point in the game, one of our friends had the bright idea to throw an over-sized beach ball at the players while (drunkenly) yelling DISTRACTION BALL! We all thought that it was hilarious, and the Distraction Ball made its way into all kinds of sporty-like activities.

Jumping on the trampoline? DISTRACTION BALL
Sunbathing while drinking a girlie drink on a fancy boat? DISTRACTION BALL

It’s been years since I’ve even thought about the Distraction Ball, but just the other day it floated into my mind because I think it would be a pretty awesome conversation changer.

We all get stuck in conversations that we don’t really want to be a part of, right?

Maybe you’re like my friend Sue at Diapers or Wine and some rude person looks at your 5 kids and blurts out, “Are they ALL yours?!” Or maybe you go to sit down at a sushi restaurant and accidentally spazz out in such a way that you kick your foot into the bar so hard that your shoe flies off…


From out of nowhere, a large beach ball flies into the area! Not only is this a super easy and effective way to change the direction of your conversation, it’s also a great way to finish one. You know, you’re talking to someone and you say, “Okkkay, we’ll, I’ve got to be going…” about 10 times, but they just keep talking and talking and talking and talking….


Conversation done. You get your slick escape and they don’t have to know that you find them incredibly boring!

Have you had a conversation recently that you totally could have benefited from a Distraction Ball?

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