One Sentence Challenge: How Did You Get Engaged?

So last week I stumbled onto something fun when I asked my Facebook followers to tell me in just one sentence the story of how they got engaged.

I love the wide range of responses to the question. Especially because some were super sweet and others were just randomly hilarious.

Here are some* of my favorites:

Michelle – Husband picked me up for a Valentine’s date and handed me the ring in the car… in front of my college apartment.

Kimberly – He came to my classroom with a sarcophagus.

Katie – He hid the ring and told me to hunt for it.

Adrianne – As my first-ever boyfriend in high school, we reunited 25 years later and he wrote it in a “will you marry me” yes or no box format.

Faith – He took me to a pawn shop and the guy working said, “Listen we close in 10 minutes. You want it or what? I’ll take off a hundred bucks.” My now husband looked at me and said, “So do you want it or what?”

Erika – We were working together and he took the ring out and said, “Here.”

Jackie – Late on a Friday night after his softball game while standing in our backyard letting our new puppy go potty and looking at the stars. After I said yes I told him no take-backs.

Ashley – Christmas Eve after bringing his sister to the ER.

Courtney – In my bedroom at home when we were teenagers.

Tammy – he drove me down to the Red River and told me he wanted to show me something as we were standing on the edge of the river he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him!

Sara MC – Just after the waiter finished washing our hands in rose petal water he got on his knee.

Sara S – He burnt the steak but the panzanella salad I made was good, Survivor was playing and he paused it when I was mid-sentence, took a knee in front of the couch and asked with no ring because he knew that moment that he wanted to marry me and couldn’t wait a second longer.

Teri – On the Riverboat Natchez in my favorite place in the world, Disney World.

Mary – Christmas morning in front of my entire family.

Kari (A Grace Full Life) – In a drunken stupor, I yelled at my boyfriend (now husband) that he would never have the balls to propose to me… as he was pulling the ring out of his pocket to indeed, propose to me.

Patricia – Christmas Eve with the ring hidden in a glass of champagne.

Rachel – Hid the ring under his tongue so he could propose naked in the shower with me, the day after I found out I was pregnant.

Kristie – I informed him he was going to be mine forever.

You guys are awesome. You not only made my day last week, you’ve made it all over again as I re-read your comments. So, I’ve decided to make the One Sentence Challenge a regular thing. Because it makes me happy. And hopefully it makes you smile too!

Oh, and here’s mine:

He pretended to trip on something (when getting into bed one night) and when I shined the light over on him he was on his knee with the ring in his hand.

Cute, right?

So how about you, if you haven’t already chimed in tell me in ONE sentence how you got engaged.


*Yes, I know that this is ALL of the responses. But they are ALL my FAVORITES!

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8 thoughts on “One Sentence Challenge: How Did You Get Engaged?”

  1. He took me to the beach for my birthday, in February bc it’s my favorite time to go, and asked me as we sat on the dunes, he’s sweet that way.

  2. When you open Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire to the third chapter, you find it entitled “The Invitation”, which is where he started cutting the hole for the ring box; he presented it me with the book at the Chick-fil-A where we had our first date and got down on one knee by the booth to propose, getting trampled by kids on their way to the play area before their parents could intervene. (don’t worry, it was a paperback; he had a hardback for me to keep – though I ended up keeping the paperback too, for sentimental reasons) ((Adrianne’s cousin))

    1. Nellie, Dave and I re-met at CHICK-FIL-A!! If I would have had a wedding-wedding, we would have gotten married at the same spot 🙂 Love you!!

    1. FANTASTIC! I plan on posting One Word Challenges a couple times a month on my FB page, so be sure to stop by next week when my next one goes up! =)

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