Don’t Cha Wish Your Pantry Was Neat Like Me

Um, can you tell I’ve been rocking out to my Britney Spears station on Pandora again? I was totally going to call this post Pantry Porn, but then I got worried about the weirdo pervs who might find this post while looking for some boobies in a pantry so I changed it to a play on Don’t Cha from the Pussycat Dolls. Which I guess didn’t really work, but oh well.

Here’s a refresher if you haven’t heard the song in a while. Oh, and be warned… you’re totally going to wish that you hadn’t just eaten a piece of pizza and immediately make plans to do some situps. Oh, just me? Hmm…

Who wants to play a sassy version of musical chairs now? Anyways, now that we’re all dropping it like it’s hot* and swinging our hair around, let’s get to the pantry brewhaha.

I mentioned that one of my goals over the holiday was to finally turn my mess of a pantry into something so organized that it would make me swoon.

Here are my “before” shots. No swooning here:

before - full pantry
Here it is in all it’s “before” glory. Our pantry holds all my baking stuff, snacks, party stuff, and oh yeah… dog food.
before - baking stuff
Here’s a close up of my baking ingredients. Every time I pulled out the flour I ended up covered in it. We’re super lucky that we didn’t end up with bugs anywhere!

I spent about $100 total at The Container Store and ordered a can rack, 2 double cabinet shelves, a tiered spice organizer, 2 party tubs, containers for sugar and flour, and some shelf liner.

I was actually quite impressed with everyone I ordered… except for the can rack. You are supposed to be able to put your canned veggies and soups on the rack for easy access, but it was kind of a pain in the butt to get things on and off the rack. I’m kind of lazy though, so instead of returning it I repurposed it to hold my hot chocolate and cider packets.

Here’s my after shots. Oooh… Ahhhhh..

after - full pantry
Here’s the “after” shot. So nice and neat and PRETTY!
after- spices
Check out those baking ingredients! You can actually SEE what’s going on. I also LOVE the flour and sugar containers, they’re designed so you can just put the whole bag inside!
after - snacks area
Yeah, check out the snacks on that shelf. (Does that sound dirty? Darn, I really am going to end up with perverts on my website… again).
after - party stuff and wine
I used the cute bins to keep stuff together, like everything I need for a party — plates, plastic ware, napkins, straws, etc. And yes, that’s Mommy’s Time Out wine… a gift from a friend that I haven’t cracked open yet.
after - can rack
This is the can rack that didn’t work so well for cans. It did a pretty good job with my hot chocolate, cider packets and assortment of chocolate chips though!

I completed this project about a month or so ago and I have to say that if you looked in my pantry today it looks almost exactly like these pictures. So yay for pantry organizing!

Have you done any organizing projects lately? Would I swoon if I looked your pantry? Have you created a cheesy dance-mix station to keep you PUMPED on a long work day?


* I randomly clicked over to the post where I talked about my pantry plans and saw that I wrote, “Break out the dance music because there is going to be a pantry organizing party up on my hizhouse this weekend! BOOYA.” I’m not really sure why pantry organizing makes me want to dance like a Pussycat Doll, but at least I’m consistent with my dancing feelings.

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