NaBloPoMo – Week One

NaBloPoMoSo I saw my friend Kari at A Grace Full Life was participating in the BlogHer NaBloPoMo February challenge and it sounded like fun so I decided I want to play too!

In order to keep from posting every single day of the month, because um… no. I’ve decided to post each Monday. Which is actually like a BONUS day of me, because I typically don’t have a new post until Tuesdays. So BAM!

Oh and I totally googled NaBloPoMo because I couldn’t figure out what it stood for (did anyone else think of dowisetrepla from How I met your Mother?). It stands for National Blog Posting Month. So there, I just saved you a couple seconds of googling.

Aww, just look at this guy. He deserves an “I love you” from me every single day!

So, let’s DO THIS!

2/1/13: When was the last time you said, “I love you.”?
I told my husband I loved him this morning when he left the house. I also texted it to him an hour or so ago, because I felt like he needed a little extra texty love to get through today. We were both up last night with Jack who has croup with stridor yet again and now my husband has to work outside in 25* weather for the next 10-ish hours. He totally needed a little extra love and even some “xxxoo” too.

2/4/13: Tell us about your first crush.
Okay, I was pretty darn boy-crazy as a little girl so there were A LOT of crushes. The most vivid one I can remember from elementary school was this boy named Kevin Mack*. I’m actually not changing his name for the sake of this blog because it is relevant to my story. Kevin Mack was really, really COOL. Let’s see, I was in elementary school in the mid 80’s, so cool back then meant that he rocked a pair of pegged khakis and a popped collar like nobody’s business. Well, as much as a 10 year old can rock stuff. He was totally swoon-worthy and I totally remember writing Mrs. Julie Mack all over my notebooks with lots of hearts surrounding my ‘married’ name. The funny thing about the name Mack is that there were lots of Mack trucks in the area and every time I’d see one I’d think it was a sign that Kevin and I were meant to be. 2gether 4ever, right?

Be sure to stop by next Monday for the next group of NaBloPoMo challenge questions. It’s February, so they’re all about loooooove and dating. Oh, and play along with me by answering today’s questions in the comments!


*Dear Kevin – I really doubt that you’re reading this because it’s been at least 25 years since I’ve seen you and really even thought of you. However, please note that I am no longer obsessed with you and hardly ever write Julie Mack on my notebooks anymore.

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2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Week One”

  1. 1. The last time I said I love you was to my mom on Facebook with a picture of a man saying he is worried about living in a world run by kids who weren’t spanked and got trophies just for participating. Because I was punished and didn’t win at everything and I think it is for the best. The last time I said it in person, I told my husband (still fun to say that, we’ve been married less than 4 months) I loves him before he left for work this morning. Usually I leave first but I’m off today, woohoo!

    2. Ben Buglisi. I didn’t change his name here either. We rode the same bus in middle school and he had a two door garage. We used to go back and forth because, having never seen a two door garage before, I told him he had two garages. My diary from then is signed Jessy Buglisi. Haha!

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