Doing All the Fall Things

While the Maryland weather hasn’t received the memo to bring me some fall cool temperatures, it’s nice to finally have some fun fall stuff to add to the schedule. Also, ALL the pumpkins.

Target Pumpkins

I picked up a few cheap pumpkins when I was at Target a few weeks ago, which worked out perfectly because it gave Jack something to do when we were stuck at home quarantining. I think the wood pumpkin was $5 and the set of two cardboard pumpkins were $5 — so $10 total for all 3. He colored the wooden pumpkin with crayons, and then used colored sharpies on the cardboard version. He made me do my own cardboard pumpkin, so knowing his obsession with tie-dye, I decided to tie-dye paint the pumpkin and he loved it!

Paint Your Own Pottery Session

My coworker gave me a gift card for a local pottery painting place that I had never visited, so I was happy to try somewhere new. Jack was excited because he LOVES anything artistic! He picked out a few different small items to paint and I chose a pumpkin for myself. For this one, I did an ombre look with a lighter orange at the top, a medium speckled orange in the middle and a dark orange at the bottom. They are going into the kiln on Friday and we should be able to pick them up this weekend, so I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Carving Up Some Pumpkins

We picked up some ACTUAL pumpkins too and decided that each one of us would get to carve one. My husband carved the squinty laughing face, mine has ‘heart eyes’ and Jack’s is the toothy guy with a door in the side of his head. I also grabbed a couple warty pumpkins to add to the front porch for some extra fun.

And… a Corn Maze

If that isn’t enough fall pumpkin goodness for the month, we also met up with family at Gaver Farm. Gaver Farm is a super fun pumpkin farm in Frederick, Maryland and they have a ton of outdoor activities for their Fall festival. Our favorite(?) was the corn maze, where my sister, her husband, the baby and I wandered around lost for about 30 minutes. Honestly, the baby was NOT very helpful in determining direction… On our way out, we got some hot apple cider and fresh HOT apple cinnamon donuts and they were pretty fantastic.

I think that *might* be the extent of our fall stuff for a few weeks. We have a first birthday party coming up for my nephew and then a trip to Richmond for my sister’s baby shower. However, we have been considering the idea of a fall RV trip, so we will have to see what November brings us!

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