Emma & Chloe Subscription Box: December Jewelry Reveal & Some Misleading Advertising

If you remember my November Emma&Chloe reveal, you may be asking why I’m talking about a December box when I cancelled my subscription. Well, just a couple days after I cancelled, they ran a super awesome Black Friday sale, so I jumped back in for three more months. I was super excited to receive December, January and February… but then they sent me November’s bracelet again.

Which is kind of annoying. I mean, I LOVE the bracelet, but I don’t need two of them.

I felt a much better when I received an email from them saying that the December box would feature TWO items! YAY, it’s like a happy holiday gift!

Everyone on the spoiler sites was just as excited as I was! But then, someone started commenting that they contacted Emma&Chloe customer service and then said that only NEW subscribers would get the special two-item box.

Wait, what?! Then, why on earth would they send that email to current subscribers??

I was encouraged to join a Emma&Chloe insiders Facebook page for more information, so I did. I saw there that current subscribers would only get one item but was encouraged to check in with customer service about it. So… I sent customer service a strongly worded email about their misleading advertising. Within an hour, they emailed me back saying that the special was just for new subscribers, but that they’d love to provide me with the previous box of my choice from this page.

I decided on the HELLES ring from the August 2017 box and was initially impressed at how quickly customer service responded to my email. That’s why I posted on my Facebook page to see if any of my readers were in the same situation (so I could let you know to email customer service). However, after two weeks of not receiving any shipping information, I checked back in with customer service.

Apparently the ring I wanted (gold band with a turquoise stone) was out of stock in the US, so they asked if I’d like to choose another item or wait an extra week for one to come from France. I asked them to send me the ring from France… so now I’m waiting (and waiting) for another update. I checked back in on Monday (the customer service person said they’d update me in a few days, and didn’t) and was told basically to just be patient. Which works about as well as telling someone who is pissed off to calm down…

While I’m still waiting on the second piece, I did receive the initial December box at the end of the month.

Dormeus Earrings, retail value $102

The featured designer for December 2017 is Virginia Monroe (you can read an interview with her here) The December jewelry is the Dormeuse earrings, featuring a bamboo leaf decorated with a Pyrite pearl. The bamboo leaf represents friendship, youth, joy, fertility, and peace. The version I received is made with brass and then gilded with 18k fine gold.

Here is an extreme close up:

I really like the December earrings and I’m definitely going to wear them. I like that they are simple and lightweight. I’m just starting to get back into earrings and I can see me wearing these a lot.

However, that shady advertising and ‘be patient’ message is still really bothering me. Even on their website reveal of their December item, it says “Psssst…. Your December box will also include a few other surprises!” After getting all the emails about the additional item for December, it is absolutely ridiculous that the ‘other surprises’ turned out to be a couple tiny pieces of chocolate.

I’ll keep you posted on whether I ever actually receive the HELLES ring… but as of now I’m not really sure if I should continue recommending the Emma & Chloe box for anyone else to try.

What do you think about Emma & Chloe’s December advertising? Would you have been annoyed to only receive one jewelry item after getting that email?

1/10/18 Update: The ring came and it’s soooo pretty!


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