Our ER Visit

There’s a moment when you watch your kid getting hurt and you just have a gut feeling that it’s going to be bad.

Sure, they may trip and fall a few times a day, only to bounce back up like a weeble-wobble, but in that one moment that it’s serious you see it all happen in slow motion.

I watched Jack run over to the fireplace to check out the fire I just built. I was just a few feet away when his feet slipped out from under him. I couldn’t do a thing when his face made beeline for the rough brick. I sucked in my breath as he hit. I ran across the room and grabbed him up in less than a second, dragging him to the kitchen for a paper towel to stop the flow of blood.

I wanted to cry. Maybe I did cry a little, but I pulled it together so that Jack would stay as calm as possible. My adrenaline was flooding my body and I knew that if I had to pick up a truck and throw it off of him, I totally could. I’d throw that damn truck halfway across the driveway.

I held it together. I really did. After the initial shock of the fall and the hard crying that followed, Jack calmed right down like a champ. He even held a paper towel on his chin for the ride to the Emergency Room. I mean, he did until he fell asleep. Because, of course after hours of hoping he would fall asleep for a nap he decided to take a little shut-eye when I’m frantically driving him to the hospital.

The nurses were some of the nicest I’ve ever met and Jack flirted with all of them. One nurse, Megan, was a total sweetheart and brought us some crayons, paper and stickers to play with. Another admired Jack’s long eyelashes and his new haircut. The lady who took my credit card for the co-pay must have been extra special, because Jack called out to her “I love you!” as she left the room.

Just chillin at the emergency room, watching my kid get his face glued back together. #toddlerproblems

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He got lucky and didn’t need any stitches; instead the gash was glued back together. It was relatively quick and easy, even though it still looks really gross. Jack was pretty proud of it though and when I dropped him off at daycare this morning he was quick to tell his teacher that the doctor had to glue his face together yesterday.

He’s fine.
I’m still getting over it.

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10 thoughts on “Our ER Visit”

  1. Awww poor guy! I’m glad it all turned out. I’m afraid such battle scars are just part of childhood. For certain kids, anyway, LOL. My sister spent a lot of time being patched up in the ER. Me, not so much. I must have learned from her mistakes.(For the record, I totally did dumb stuff and got hurt plenty, just never ER worthy injuries.)

  2. These types of things are always harder on the parents.
    Glad he is okay but I think you need a drink.
    I’ll have one too in your honor.

    1. It’s funny, normally stress like this would drive me to sweets and I’d let myself gorge myself on cookies or something because I OBVIOUSLY deserved it. But I’m on a DietBet right now so I had to resist. BOO!

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