Reviewing Firmoo Glasses

Over the weekend I teased my Instagram and Facebook friends with a sneak peek of my new glasses from Firmoo and now I’m happy to have the chance to share my full review.

I’ve seen online glasses places pop up all over the place lately, but felt like it must be one of those “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is” kind of things. I mean, we JUST bought Travis a new pair of glasses from the mall for somewhere around $400… so how could they possibly offer something just as great for less than a quarter of the price?!

When Firmoo reached out to me and offered a pair of glasses for me to review, I thought it would be a great opportunity to see if it really was all that and a bag of chips.

Since I wear contacts most of the time, I usually only break out my glasses before bed, early in the morning and during allergy season. I have a designer pair I like from a few years ago, so I thought that it would be fun to get some more “trendy” frames to play around with. I’ve wanted a pair of cat eye frames for ages, so I decided to finally try them out.

The Firmoo website has a ton of really cool and funky frames, but I narrowed it down to #F033 or #F038 because they both had the cat eye look I was going for.

I was totally unsure of how they would look on my face though, so I uploaded a couple pictures of myself and played around with the frames. First I tried a couple options with the #F033 frames:

F033 preview pics - Pocketful of Joules Firmoo review

Um. Yuck. They look terrible. I mean, I want a bit of a pointy corner, but these look really bad on me.

So then, I tried the same pictures with the #F038 frames:

F038 preview pics - Pocketful of Joules Firmoo review

Better. I mean, it’s still kind of weird to just plop a picture of a frame on top of my face… but these look kind of cute.

I called up my eye doctor and had them give me my last eye glasses prescription over the phone and went ahead and ordered the #F038 glasses. I figured if I hated them, I had three days to return them. Also, I was getting them for free… so I really wasn’t losing anything but my time.

Imputing all the information onto the glasses order was super easy and my glasses arrived in my mailbox about 2 ½ weeks later.

I gave my dresser a good ol’ windex job and took a few pictures for you:

Firmoo glasses - 2

Firmoo glasses - 1

Firmoo glasses - 3

I think it’s fair to say that I’m pretty darn impressed. The lenses are exactly my prescription and the frames are substantial without being irritatingly heavy on my face. I love the fun designs on the sides of the frames too. They fit great and Firmoo even included a little tool to tighten the screws if I ever need to.

Here’s my best “trying on glasses” pose:

Dorky glasses picture - Pocketful of Joules Firmoo review

Just kidding. I took a ton of pictures and this one was so dorky that it made me laugh… so of course, I had to share it.

Here’s a normal picture… I mean, as normal as you’re going to get with me:

Pocketful of Joules - Firmoo review

Kinda cute, right? The best part is that if I would have paid for them they would have only cost me $45.95! That is SO insanely cheap for glasses and next time Travis needs a pair we are definitely going to go with Firmoo.

I don’t know if they are going to hold up for years and years the way my designer pairs do, but for less than $50 I can get EIGHT different pairs of glasses for the price we paid for just one pair a couple months ago. Now instead of worrying over a glasses purchase because I’ll have to live with them forever, I can actually try something trendy without having a huge money commitment!

Have you ever ordered glasses online? When choosing glasses do you usually get something classic or go totally funky?


Disclaimer: Firmoo provided me with a free pair of glasses for review purposes; however all thoughts and opinions are my own. There are Firmoo referral links in this post and if you use my link I will receive a very small reward (even though the price will totally stay the same for you).

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8 thoughts on “Reviewing Firmoo Glasses”

  1. That price is insane. I am due for new glasses and would love to check them out! Do they offer to send you a few frames to try on before picking, or do you just pick one and hope for the best (and play in photoshop before ordering)?? 🙂

    1. Unfortunately you don’t get to try a few frames first, but you can return your frames within three days if you don’t like them. They also have a bunch of suggestions on how to determine frame size based on ones you already have and like. =)

  2. I was really surprised when I ordered my first pair of glasses online (after hearing great things from friends) about just how cheap/easy it was.

    I’ve a super strong prescription so I often pay about the same as Travis for glasses, but I got an adorable pair from for under $100. Worth it. I also love that I can get a pair of prescription sunglasses, too, and choose how much tint (and what color).

    1. My prescription is super strong too, so I was expecting to have to pay a bit more… so I was shocked at how low the price was and that they even used thinner lenses so they don’t look like the old-school coke bottle lenses! haha I’ve heard a lot of good things about Coastal too!

  3. After you posted your Instagram pic I went on their site and peeked around. I’ve been saying I want new frames because the ones I have are heavy and slide a lot on my face. I don’t always want to wear my contacts, but hate wearing my glasses because they aren’t comfy! The ones you picked are one of the ones I’m also considering 🙂 I will probably place my order in the next few days so I’ll let you know which frames I choose!!

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