February Thrift Haul

After last month’s one item thrift ‘haul’, this month’s thrifted purchases feel downright decadent! Let’s check out this month’s finds:

Eileen Fisher wool sweater, $7.99

I gave you a sneak peek of this sweater in my Sweater Shaver post earlier this month. It is an absolutely fabulous 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool sweater that retails for $228. When I got it home, I washed it on cold and laid it flat to dry. Then, I used my sweater shaver to get rid of any of the little annoying pills and it now looks as good as new!

Marc New York Linen Skirt, $9.49

This skirt was new with the $79 retail tags still attached. Even though it was new, I brought it home and washed it on cold and let it hang dry to get rid of that thrift store smell.

I like the fit of this skirt and the cute pockets, but I’m not sure if I’m fully loving the color. I’ll try it with my summer wardrobe in a few months when it warms up and see if it works. Otherwise, I may dye it a bit darker or a different shade of the current orangy/yellow-ish/brown.

Vintage Brown Linen Skirt, $7.79

Another linen skirt to add to my collection. This one seems a bit less casual, so it will be great for work. It’s a pretty classic fit and has just the right about of swish in the skirt.

The runched waist part is actually supposed to be in the back, but I kind of like it better in the front for visual interest:

Talbots Star Blouse, $9.99

I love the lightweight cotton of this Talbots skirt and the teeny tiny little stars. I was shocked that this was labeled as a 2x, because it basically fits like an oversized large or regular XL. However, I remember someone saying Talbots clothing is notoriously small, so that may be the issue.

Any which way, it fits a little blousy and will be adorable tucked into skirts for work. With that being said, I bought this at Goodwill (typically I only go to 2nd Avenue) and thought it was priced kind of high for a shirt.

I wore it to work on Monday, with a black linen skirt, tights and booties:

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