February Thrift Haul

I finally had the opportunity to go thrifting over the weekend and had some awesome scores! Also, I realized I have a couple thrift purchases that I haven’t shared yet… so let’s get on with the February Thrift Haul!

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Dr. Martens ‘Mini Tydee Boot’, size 7, $19.99

The thrift store that I went to has their shoes all over the place. They are just randomly stacked on top of the clothing racks as far as the eye can see. I browsed through the section that was marked 8 – 8.5 and didn’t see much. Then, I wondered into other sections and found these babies. They were marked with a size 5 tag, but they looked my size, so I pulled them down to check them out. Inside the shoe it shows size 5UK and size 7US… but when I tried them on they definitely fit more like an 8.

I found them on the Nordstrom website where it looks like they were sold in 2013. One of the reviews even points out that they run about 1 whole size large, so I really lucked out when I decided to try them on. I also found them on Amazon, still being sold in a few sizes for $135.

Let me just say, I LOVE these Docs. I have a pair of plain black Dr. Martens that I bought in 1994 and still wear, if you can believe it. These will look so cute with skinny jeans. I may be a little old to pull them off with skirts, but I’ll probably try anyways. When reading through reviews the only complaint I found was that the design rubs off in the areas where the shoe bends as it gets worn in. If I had paid $160 for them new (as they are marked on a UK Dr. Marten’s site), I’d be super annoyed if the pretty floral pattern came off. However, at $20 thrifted for a brand-new pair and I’m totally fine with any pattern wear that happens!

Dr. Scholls Glendale Wedge Sandals, size 9, $7.99

When I was about to leave, I did one quick pass of the big shoes section. It is this wall at the way-back of the store that has sizes 10 and up. As expected, there were some smaller sizes thrown in there and I found these wedges. They are marked a 9, but I wear anywhere from a 8 – 8.5 and they fit great. I did some googling and found this exact pair was sold on the DSW website 6 months ago for $40 (marked down from $70). They are also still being sold on Amazon in a couple sizes for $50. I like the mix of leather and canvas on the straps and the slight wedge. They are in great condition and Dr. Scholls are supposed to be nice and comfy to wear. I can’t wait until the weather warms up!

JCrew Deck Striped T-shirt, size Large, $8.99

I have a total weakness for super soft striped tops, so when I saw this one on the rack it went right into my shopping cart. It’s from J.Crew and it has a comfy, oversized style and dropped shoulder design that makes it pair great with jeans. I’ve worn it a couple times on the weekend with a pair of comfy leggings and also wore it with a pair of distressed black jeans. You can see it in action here.

Just for fun, I did some research and found it on the J.Crew website from Fall 2016. It’s called the “Deck Striped T-Shirt” and they printed the fabric inside out, which gives the stripes a cool textured look.

Joan Vass tunic top, size Medium, $1.99

I first discovered Joan Vass in my September Thrift Haul post, so when I saw this soft tunic for $2 I couldn’t leave it behind. It’s super thin and fitted, so this will be a great layering piece for winter. It’s got a scoop side thing going on, with the back a little longer than the front, which makes for some good butt coverage. I think it’s this exact one for sale on Amazon.

ASOS Curve Skater Dress with Bow Sleeve, size 14, $14.99

First off, let me start by saying that this dress is WAY overpriced for thrift. Sure, it still had the original ASOS tag on it, but it only goes for $35 new (and it’s still for sale here). With that being said, I tried it on and really, really liked it.

The bow sleeves are elbow-length, so they easily cover my tattoo for work. The dress is a swingy style so it doesn’t cling to my belly or butt and it’s a great length. I can see me dressing this up for work in the spring and summer… so I took a chance on it and it came home with me. If you like it, it does come in sizes 12 – 28 on the ASOS website, which is a pretty wide selection. I usually wear a 10/12 and this is a 14… but I probably would have been fine with a smaller size if I’d found one. As it is, it’s nice and roomy!

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?


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  1. I bought a Chaps dress at a thrift store for $4! I wore it to a wedding, and it looked just right. I had it dry cleaned before, and had the neckline closed a little. All said, it was $17. Not bad.

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