Feeling Fancy at the Hippodrome

I was a theater minor in college, so it kind of goes without saying that I love musicals. I usually get to go to the theater a few times a year, and whenever I’m up in NYC for work I make sure to see a show or two.

Well, this year I heard that Rent was coming around on its 20th anniversary tour, so I basically started drooling at the prospect of seeing the show again.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy an early ticket to Rent unless I was a season’s pass holder… so after some consideration (and support from my husband because it’s a chunk of change), I went ahead and committed to a whole season of shows.

So fancy, right?!

I decided to just buy myself one ticket because my husband totally despises musicals. I would have loved to have a girlfriend to go with, but it’s kind of a lot to ask someone to throw down money for a bunch of shows at once. So, I figured I’d just have a date night once a month and take myself out to the theater.

I want to say I loved it.
Actually, I loved some of it…
But I won’t be buying a season’s pass again.

For me, to commit to 7 shows (8 including Rent) was kind of a lot. I love me some alone time, but I realized that part of the fun in going to a show is to chat with your friend during intermission and on the way home. So, I guess I’m just kind of lonely.

Also, a couple of the shows I’ve seen so far were not great. A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder was fantastic and I highly recommend it. However, Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella was just okay. I missed Beautiful: the Carole King Musical because I was with my grandfather in the hospital. A Christmas Story, the musical was just ‘eh’ and not my cup of tea. And, oh geez was The Bodyguard terrible. {Apparently other people liked it, I just thought it was like a badly acted soap opera and the lead singer’s voice was too weak for the score. Just saying.}

Coming up in April I’ll see both Rent and Something Rotten!, which will be pretty fantastic. I’ve seen them both before (this will be my fifth time for Rent) and I know that I will love them as long as the lead actors don’t suck. The last show on my schedule is Finding Neverland, which is supposed to be really good… so maybe I need to keep an open mind for a few more months.

Perhaps I should check back when the BLEGH of The Bodyguard hasn’t soured my thoughts. But, all in all… I really just thought I’d like this season’s pass fanciness a lot more.  I mean, it’s FANCY. Shouldn’t I love being fancy?

Have you ever ‘spoiled’ yourself with something that didn’t turn out as great as you imagined it would be? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Feeling Fancy at the Hippodrome”

  1. I did this exact same thing – bought season tickets this year (actually for the 2017 – 2018 season) so that I can hopefully (fingers crossed!) get tickets to see Hamilton when it comes the following season. I am obsessed with Hamilton.

    But, I did get two tickets so that my 13-year old daughter or my best friend can come with me. I only had to commit to five shows. I’m hoping I can sell the ones I don’t want, but if not, I’ll just go see all five. I’m looking forward to A Gentleman’s Guide, and my daughter is excited for Finding Neverland. The others I’ve got are The King and I, School of Rock, and An American in Paris.

  2. If we were real life friends – I’d totally do this with you. You should ask your friends, see if there’s any interest – I bet that’d make a big difference. It sounds super fun to me 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve spoiled myself with anything that didn’t work out, so far. Probably because I’m too cheap in general. I have been spending kind of a lot on makeup lately but so far no super-duds in the bunch (again because I’m cheap and therefore super picky).

  3. I actually bought a subscription for next season for me and my mom so I can get Ham tix in 2018. I think having someone to go with makes a difference.

    There are a couple I’m “meh” about (Love Never Dies and Lion King), but I’ll either let my mom go with a friend of hers or sell them (which is a little easier if there is a pair).

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