Movie Talk: Revisiting Old Favorites

You guys, I have been on an 80’s and 90’s movie kick lately and I need to remind you of some absolute GEMS that you’ve probably forgotten about.

Money Pit, 1986
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We randomly decided to watch Money Pitt with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long on a whim and Jack thought it was totally hilarious.  Just this morning on the way to school, Jack started giggling at the idea of the house falling down. Also, how CUTE was Tom Hanks in the mid-80’s. Adorable!

Encino Man, 1993
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Am I the only one who forgot how funny Pauly Shore was in this movie? I mean, he certainly overdid the ‘weasel’ character in later movies, but Encino Man was SO FUNNY. And super cute Brendan Fraser as Link… I have so much love for this movie. This is another movie that we watched with Jack and he giggled most of the way through it. He also kind of wants to dig a pool in our backyard to see if any cavemen turn up…

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I’m almost tempted to revisit the other two quintessential Pauly Shore movies of the 90’s: Son in Law (1993) and In the Army Now (1994). I know there were tons more, but these were peak Pauly Shore.


Honey I Shrunk the Kids, 1989
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I was looking for a movie to entertain Jack and was just sick to death of everything that has been out lately, so I poked around and found Honey I Shrunk the Kids. We curled up with a blanket and some snacks and he laughed through the entire movie. If there ever was a definition of ‘good wholesome fun’ this was totally it and now I need to hunt down the sequel for us to watch!

Do you have a family-friendly old favorite that I should add to my queue for us to watch?


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  1. Spaceballs! Also, have been meaning to comment and tell you for days that I found your doppelganger…a contestant in My Kitchen Rules Australia called Demi…I thought it was you for a minute. It won’t let me put the image here so you’ll have to have a Google… xx

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