#GalSquad: The Red Door Spa’s Brandied Pear and Marshmallow Body Melt Treatment

For the past few months I’ve been training hard for the Relay Marathon that I finally ran on October 17th. Running really takes a toll on your body, which is why I was super excited when my friends at Red Door told me that the October service was a body treatment. As an added bonus, I scheduled the treatment on my wedding anniversary, so I could start the day with some relaxation.

Red Door Spa - 1

I’ve never had a body treatment service before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. According to the spa, my skin would be polished to perfection with a Pear-infused Brandy and Sea Salt Scrub and then a targeted massage with Marshmallow Shea Butter will moisturize the skin.

Sounds pretty delicious… so let’s SUIT UP!

Red Door Spa - 2

I’ve had plenty of massages before – and love them – but this was a little different. They provide you with a pair of disposable undies (which is basically the smallest paper thong you can imagine) and you put it on and then get all comfy on the massage bed under a towel. Then, my massage therapist, Tanja, uncovered a body part a time and gently massaged the pear-infused brandy and sea salt scrub onto my body.

It smelled amazing and felt like the perfect combo of scratchy and a massage.

After all my bits and pieces had been covered in sea salt, Tanja switched out the massage bedding while I want to the adjoining shower to wash off. Once I was cleaned off and feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom, I returned to my little cocoon under the covers and Tanja massaged each part of my body with the Marshmallow Shea Butter. It wasn’t a full massage, but just enough to rub the lotion into my skin and feel extra wonderful.

I LOVED this month’s service. It was really relaxing and when I left the spa my skin was so smooth it practically glowed. On my way out I saw a display of the scrub and body butter that was used in the service and was super tempted to by the entire lot to hoard at home!

Red Door Spa - 3

If you’re looking for an awesome gift for someone special in your life, giving them a container of the pear-infused brandy and sea salt scrub with a note that you’ve booked them the body treatment would be amazing! In fact, I’m going to need to send a ‘hint-hint’ text to my husband…

Have you ever been to a spa to get a body scrub?


Disclosure: I am a Red Door #GalSquad Ambassador, which means that once a month I am able to experience a new product or service free of charge. I’m not required to blog about my experiences; only post a few pictures on my social media accounts (which will be shared on the Red Door Spa accounts).

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