Home Décor: More Sunroom Changes

You guys know I love my sunroom, right? Ever since I did a big, comfy re-design last summer, I had been LOVING every moment I spend in that room (Sunroom: Before & After)

And then I ruined it all.

Last November, I made myself a cup of coffee and stumbled out to the sunroom to snuggle up with a book… and it was too cold. But I REALLY wanted to snuggle up on my comfy couch. So, I did what any normal person would do… I dragged my sunroom couch into my den.

And here’s the kicker, I LOVED the way the couch looked in my den (Den: Before & After). Which left my sunroom looking very sad and empty.

I was planning to drive the truck to Ikea to buy another couch this spring, but then Covid-19 hit. So, we spent the spring and most of the summer with a janky sunroom with no couch. It was okay, I still had my hanging seat to curl up in. But I really missed my pretty and comfortable sunroom from last summer.

And THEN I got a group text from my mom. She and my dad were cleaning the furniture out of a couple of their rental townhouses and a bunch of stuff was up for grabs. I ended up getting a loveseat, coffee table, desk and chair. The desk and chair were immediately set up in Jack’s room for an online learning space and the loveseat and coffee table are perfect for my sunroom!

Fun Fact about the coffee table: I knew it was a mid-century modern piece when I got it, but after doing some google sleuthing I was able to track down that was made by Lane Furniture in 1962. You can click the little arrow to see the original brochure advertisement!

After putting the new loveseat and coffee table in its place, my previous rug looked awful (it was old and dingy and you can see a bit in the photo above), so I popped on Wayfair and ordered a new one. The one I picked is an indoor/outdoor rug and I’m super happy with how it pulls everything together.

Let’s take a walk though my sunroom over the last 8 years:

Now let’s hope I can leave it alone for awhile and just enjoy it!

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