Home Update: Living Room

I’m so happy to be able to share another update post with you. Especially because my living room was a disaster for 4 weeks and now it’s back to normal. Actually, it’s not back to normal… it’s better than ever!

As I mentioned in my previous update post, in order to get the plumbing and heat up to the new bathroom, we had to run them from the basement, through the first floor and up to the second floor. This impacted the opening between our living room and kitchen, as well as the living room ceiling.

Part of the ceiling came down on April 24th and then on May 7th, the couch got covered and moved and the room turned into a disaster and stayed that way until June 4th.

Once the plumbing was fully completed, my dad put new drywall up in the ceiling and wall, taped it, spackled it a bunch of times, and then primed everything and painted the ceiling. Over the weekend, I spent six hours in the living room and the connected entrance area edging, rolling, edging again and rolling again.

{Actually, I spent 10 hours painting that day, but the rest of the time was spent upstairs. And yes, my body hurt afterwards}

Once again, I chose Behr Greige for my paint color. I love that it is a nice, clean neutral and it really brightens up the room. I had no idea how dirty and marked our walls were until we moved everything away from them and I started painting!

Once the paint was dry, Travis and I moved back the couch. Then the following morning, I built a new console table and put everything back up on the wall. Most of the same pictures went up, except for the area over the bookcase.  I used the opportunity of filling holes and painting to put up new stuff on the wall and I love how it turned out.

If you’d like to see a fun Before/After Reel I did on Instagram, you can find it here:

And here are my After photos:

The pictures stayed the same on this wall (below), but I switched out an old black fake fireplace/space heater thing with this pretty console table. It gives us better storage options for Jack’s video games and chargers and also sticks out less from the wall so it doesn’t block foot traffic.

And here is the updated area (below). We’ve had the organizer since Jack was a baby and it now houses a mix of toys and games. I picked up the two hand drawn pictures at a consignment shop, thrifted the sculpture, found the drawer at an antique shop and the mirror was a clearance find at T.J. Maxx.

And I let Jack decide how to fill the drawer slots.

LOOK! He made mini Lego figures of our family! And of course Travis and I both have gigantic cups of coffee:

Having our living room back together feels fantastic. I’d been holding off on repainting for awhile since it was going to be such a pain to move everything, so I’m so happy that the huge job is done and everything looks so nice and clean again.

Next up, the walk-in closet!

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