Jack’s Last Day of 4th Grade

We did it! After a full year + a semester of pandemic online learning, Jack spent all of 4th grade back in the classroom. He started the year masked up, tested positive for COVID 2 ½ weeks into the school year, and was fully vaxxed by the end of 2021.

We made the executive decision to take a week off of school in February to go to Universal Studios for Jack’s 10th birthday and it was totally worth it. His teacher… was not my favorite. Grades have been up and down. Behavior notes have been up and down. But WE DID IT and today is the last day of 4th grade.

We are both looking forward to a summer with no homework. Because, there is plenty of time for that with 5th grade right around the corner.

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One thought on “Jack’s Last Day of 4th Grade”

  1. Oh my, he is really growing up! And, fourth grade in the rearview mirror! Congratulations!

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