Honest Review: Burst Sonic Toothbrush

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Teeth are important to me. I like my teeth to be white. And straight (thanks mom and dad for braces!). And, um… all there. As a lover of clean teeth, I’m also good about brushing them in the AM and PM. However, I suck at floss. Obviously, because I’m a human being.

Anyways, as part of my normal teeth maintenance, I visit my dentist every 6 months. At my last appointment when we were finishing up, they provided me with a referral link to a Burst Sonic Toothbrush.

Which, honestly, I felt was a little tacky.

I mean, are we at the point that dentists are now becoming influencers with promo codes?!

With that being said, I did click the link and check it out. I previously just used a normal ol’ toothbrush, but I was curious about an electric toothbrush. I clicked around on Amazon and the Target website and found that the Burst version was pretty much the same cost as all the rest, so I figured I might as well give it a try.

I bought this one: Sonic Toothbrush in black for me and in white for Travis. They are currently marked at $69.99, but I think the referral code was for $20 off each… so if you’re going to buy, do a little google search for a code!

According to their website:

  • 33,000 sonic vibrations/minute for an incredible but gentle clean
  • Removes more than 10x more plaque than a normal toothbrush
  • Soft bristles that won’t damage your gums
  • One month of battery life on a single charge
  • Refill plan, where they send you a brush head replacement every 12 weeks for $7

I’ve been using my new toothbrush for 3 months now and OHMYGOD I love it so much. It is set to vibrate for 2 minutes (the ideal time for brushing your teeth) and pauses every 30 seconds to give you time to move it to a different quarter of your month. Due to this, I am absolutely brushing my teeth better than I have in my entire life. Also, spending a full 30 seconds on each quarter of my mouth, means no missed spots in the back.

The best part is that every single day when I’m done brushing my teeth, they are SO CLEAN. They literally feel the same way it feels when you’re leaving the dentist after a cleaning. I am so super impressed that I’ve been telling everyone I know. And I had to write a blog post to tell you all too. And no, this isn’t sponsored in any way.

Since I’ve had my new toothbrush for 3 months, I just received my first brush head replacement refill. Normally I’m not a fan of automatic refill plans because what if I don’t use up the thing when the refill comes? But I really like this one because it’s a reminder to change my toothbrush head, which I really should be doing more often.

Both Travis and I love our new toothbrushes. I initially bought Jack a cheaper battery-operated toothbrush, but once that one inevitably breaks, I’ll be buying him a Burst Sonic toothbrush too.

There are promo codes to be found online, but I don’t have one because I’m not an ambassador for Burst or anything. I just really like their toothbrushes.

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2 thoughts on “Honest Review: Burst Sonic Toothbrush”

  1. Thanks for the tip. I have one from Colgate, which is pretty strong, and does a good job. It is good to hear about this one, though. I never know what to buy! I had a regular ‘ol toothbrush between rechargable toothbrushes, and it just wasn’t good enough after using the new one! Funny how we get used to an upgrade!

  2. I love my Burst – which my hygienist had recommended to me last year. And I also suck at flossing. So she recommended getting a water pick. I ended up getting a rechargable one with a little tank, and I “floss” in the shower now. My hygienist & dentist were so proud of me my last visit!

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