Jack’s Bathroom: Before & After

When I decided to give Jack’s bedroom a little refresh (see it here: Jack’s Room: Before & After), it also dawned on me that his bathroom could use a fresh coat of paint.

There was nothing really WRONG with it, but the blue color on the walls was just kinda… too blue. I don’t know. I don’t know why, just one day I decided I hated it.

Also, for some reason the inside of the bathroom door was painted a cream color, rather than the bright white of every other door in the house. So it just kind of seemed dingy and dirty.

And I do realize, I am pretty much the only person who would ever notice, because I stare at it while hanging out in the bathroom talking to Jack through the shower curtain while he takes a shower (I don’t know, the kid is weird). Anyways, I decided to do a little paint switcheroo.

I wanted something a little calmer and more muted on the walls. So, I went with Glidden’s White Sage. It’s like a whisper of yellowish green. Not too lime, but a little dusty.

I did 2 coats of painting the edges by hand with a brush and 2 coats of walls with the roller. While waiting for the walls to dry, I did one coat of bright white glossy paint on the inside of the door. All in all, it was super quick and only took me maybe a half of a day with the prep, painting, drying and clean-up.

I LOVE the change though.

I didn’t change anything else in the bathroom – keeping the same shower curtain, shelf and pictures – but it gives it such a better feel. So, even though nobody else in my household really cares… I’m happy with it and that’s what matters!

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One thought on “Jack’s Bathroom: Before & After”

  1. Very nice! This reminds me of the time my parents repainted my white bed an ugly green with gold streaks. Your room is great, I’m not saying it isn’t, but every time I heat about someone painting rheir kid’s room or bed, green, it makes me think of that. It was a trend. I hated it! I think they knew it was bad, and that they did it wrong. I remember the look on dad’s face. He hated it, too!

    I love your colors and that cute shelf! I need more organization. Thanks for the ideas.

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