I Can’t Hear You

I’m going to go ahead and call it as I see it today – I’m sick and pathetic.

Which wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but Jack and Travis are also sick… so we’re pretty much a houseful of yuck. Jack started it by coming down with another sneaky case of croup/some random ninja cold at the end of last week.

A day or so into being sneezed on, spit on and just randomly covered in my son’s germs and I felt that telltale little tickle in my throat. I tried ignoring it and popping Zicam like Corey popped uppers in Empire Records. {What you thought I was going to go all Saved by the Bell on you with Jessie’s iconic breakdown? Nope, too easy. I like to keep you on your toes.} Unfortunately, even with the massive dose of Zicam, the cold from hell chased me down and smacked me upside the head. So now I’m sick too.

And when I say I’m sick, I don’t mean {sniffle, sniffle} “cute” sick. You know, where your cheeks are a little flushed and you have an adorable raspy voice. No, I’m gross sick. With glassy eyes and a loud HONK every time I blow my nose.  It’s not dainty and cute – I honk that baby as loud as I can with the hopes that some of the yuck will break free and I will be able to smell and hear again. That’s right I can’t hear out of my right ear. Which is why I didn’t realize that someone came into  my work suite without me noticing, until they walked up to the door and interrupted me mid-honk. Yeah, I’m obviously a sexy little minx.

Anyways, it’s terribly unfortunate that I’m sick because I totally wanted to post some kind of amazingly fantastic blog today since I have so many new friends on Facebook (wheeeheewww, we got to 304)!

But, I’m obviously not coming up with anything brilliant today, so I’m going to go ahead and just give a great big WELCOME to my new friends. Thank you for joining me on Facebook and I hope you join me over here too.

As promised with my achievement of 300 “likes” on Facebook, a random fan was chosen to receive a gift from me. I was going to use one of those automatic number generator thingies, but decided to use my very own random number generator picker guy.

I pulled up my list of the 304 people, handed the laptop to my husband and told him he could choose ANYONE he wanted to win a prize. He scanned the list, clicked around a bit and after some deliberation he chose Kristine Powell Jones. His reasoning for picking her was “her profile picture has a logo showing that she helps people, so let’s reward her by helping HER.” Yeah, he’s a keeper.

So, Kristine Powell Jones, you are the WINNER! Facebook will not allow me to direct message you or tag you in a post, so I’m hoping that you see your name and send me your info!

Also, I’m kind of liking this whole giving random people happy gifts thing, so I’ve decided that I will send out a gift to a randomly picked fan for every hundred “likes” I get on my page. So, the next gift will go out in just 96 more likes!

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7 thoughts on “I Can’t Hear You”

  1. I don’t think I ever get “cute” sick. Between having 26 students and a three year old constant petri dish of sickness at home, I seem to always have something. You’d think my immune system would be so awesome that I wouldn’t catch anything. You would be thinking wrong. Anyway, I was sent your way via Lauren at Filing Jointly Finally. Love what I’ve read so far.

    1. Thank you so much for coming by! I can’t even imagine the kinds of germs that must fly your way with your students — bring on the bleach wipes!

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