Let’s Just Be Awesome

Do you guys watch How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM for the cool kids)? I got into it a few years ago and did that thing where you rent all the old seasons on DVD and watch them back-to-back. Then, once you catch up with real time you get all angry that the episodes only come on one at a time. Yeah, I did that and became totally addicted.

Travis and I are totally a version of Lily and Marshall. Travis is Marshall and I’m Lily, of course, even though I typed it the other way. For some reason saying it in the order of “Marshall and Lily” sounds weird to me. I actually do have a lot of Marshall qualities, especially the singing about everything as you do it. I’m going to blame that on Jack though because it’s helping with his word development. Yeah. But there I go again, wandering off another path…

Back on track – I love me some HIMYM* and we usually have a few episodes waiting on our TiVo at all times. One of my favorite characters is Barney, the male slut who has a very super-high opinion of himself. Much like me on a good day, Barney likes to use the word “AWESOME” way too much, which makes me like him even more.

Which is why I’d like someone to buy me this poster:

Source: modernhomeprints on etsy.com

We all have crappy days. Yesterday was a pretty bad one for me because I had to take Jack to the emergency room (third trip in 10 ½ months if you’re keeping track) for yet another case of croup and stridor. I’m hoping that he grows out of this phase soon, because frankly it’s hard on all of us.

Each time when I leave the hospital, I’m covered in a thin and sticky coat of gloominess for the rest of the day. I have a mini freakout over the fact that we sat in a germ-filled hospital room for hours and pretty much strip everyone down for baths as soon as we enter the house. I then mark another hospital bill in my expense book, which makes me thank the university gods for providing me with awesome health insurance.

I shouldn’t be gloomy though because most of the time Jack is a healthy, incredibly happy and bright little baby/almost toddler. For a baby born at 31 ½ weeks, it’s incredible that he has hardly had any issues at all. A couple trips to the hospital and needing to wrestle him to the ground to use his dreaded inhaler isn’t that bad in the scheme of things.

So, sometimes I just need to suck it up and… well, BE AWESOME.

*For those of you who are poo-pooing this season in their head while reading this post, I agree that this season has not been the best. But even a crappy episode of HIMYM is better than a lot of the stupid TV out there!

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Just Be Awesome”

  1. I have not seen all the episodes but whenever I do, I laugh my ass off. Also, for a very long time, Barney was kind of my hero… O:-) Lucky for the world, and Brian, and me…I found Brian. 😀

  2. I saw “awesome” way too much as well. I also got Jim to dress up for Halloween this year for the first time since he was a small child. He was Barney. In the duckie tie. It was legen–wait for it— dary!

  3. I actually have not watched that show, but I trust your judgement and will rent the first few seasons. Don’t let me down! I’m sure my hubby won’t mind, he’s always had a crush on Allison Hannigan. I think she needs a pair of lips but he likes her.

    1. It’s funny you mention that because there is totally an episode where they make fun of her small mouth. I hope you love it and then we can quote funny lines to each other… =)

  4. Love HIMYM! I hate croup! Two of my sons got rsv very young. One was 10days and the other 5 weeks. They had the croup reactive airway stridor wheeze garbage. It felt like it was a never ending battle. BUT IT WASN’T! One was 2 1/2 when he was remarkably better the other was almost 5 but after 2 it seemed like it was a big difference. Hopefully that is how it works out for your little man!

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