{Not So} Deep Thoughts

Did you know that Pocketful of Joules has a Facebook page?

It’s very likely that you don’t know, because even the people who have “liked” me on Facebook aren’t guaranteed to see my posts. But that’s a rant for another day…

Anywho, I AM over on Facebook and sometimes I post funny stuff. Well, it’s funny to ME. And sometimes other people too.

Here are some of my thoughts from the past 24 hours:

fb pic

So if you cracked a smile at that (or even did a half-hearted snort laugh), stop by and “like” me.

Because, I like you. I really do.

And I’m super jealous of those people who have like 1,000 likes. Or 10,000 likes. Honestly I would just have a crazy plasticy Blurred Lines kind of party if I got to 600 likes. Just saying.

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Thank You for Making My Day

So many times I see the sour side of social media.

You know what I mean – the penis enlarging porn spam, the much-more-than-snarky tweets and those troll comments where people just splash their hate around all over the place.

However, most of the time I’ve been pretty darn lucky.
{knock on wood}

I’ve “met” some other bloggers who I’m super excited to meet in person at BlogHer this summer (specifically Katie from Words for Worms, Chrissy at Quirky Chrissy and Kari at A Grace Full Life).* I also have some frequent commenters on both my blog and my Facebook page that I wish I could get together with for a cup of coffee. Or a hard cider.

red dressYesterday I was feeling exceptionally saucy in my brand new dress and posted a picture of myself on my page. My goal was to just share my happiness about looking kinda nice for the day.

Well, 38 of you took the time to click “like” on my picture and over a dozen comments were left with really sweet compliments.

Not one person used that opportunity to tell me I was ugly, or fat, or anything terrible that I see spewed online almost every single day.

Frankly, you made my day.

YOU made me feel pretty. All day long, I floated around on a cloud of feeling great about myself and it’s partially because of YOU.

See what power you have?

So thank you. Thank you so much for being awesome.

And in the vein of full honesty, at the moment I do not look anywhere as nice as I did yesterday. Within a space of about 90 minutes this morning my son wiped his banana-covered hands on my shirt as I left for work, I spilled my coffee in my lap AND I dipped my hair in cream cheese. So, in other words… we’re back to normal.

I wish you all a wonderful long holiday weekend and would love it if you took a couple minutes out of your Friday to compliment someone else and spread the love!

* If you’re going to BlogHer in Chicago, please let me know because I’d love to meet all my online friends in person while I’m there!

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Confessions of a Serial Liker

I need to come clean on something…

I’m a liker.

It’s true. I’m a liker and frankly it’s gotten a bit out of hand.

I like things on Facebook. Sometimes because I genuinely like what someone has said. Other times I want to show a commenter that I totally hear them and empathize with their status update.

thumbs up
Hey you. I like you. So Thumbs Up for being awesome!

On Twitter, I like by hitting the favorite’s star to acknowledge someone’s witty tweet or as a way of saying, “Me Too!” or “Holy crap, we’re sisters from another mother!”

I like with a thumbs up on Pandora so that the music monster can learn what I prefer to rock out to. I also give a thumbs up on Tivo to indicate that I may want to see a show again, but not enough to commit to a season’s pass.

As for my fellow bloggers, if I don’t have anything to add to a post or something funny to say in the comments, I like it as a sign of support. Kind of like a little message of “I like you and totally read this post because you rock.”

All this liking has started to brainwash me. Today I heard a good song on the radio and immediately reached my hand out to it as if to like the song. Last week, I enjoyed a funny email and had the fleeting thought that I should give the writer my feedback in the form of a like.

So yes, I’m a serial liker.

Perhaps I need to unplug from social media a little more on the weekends, before I start trying to give my husband a non-verbal thumbs up for a really good kiss.

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