Confessions of a Serial Liker

I need to come clean on something…

I’m a liker.

It’s true. I’m a liker and frankly it’s gotten a bit out of hand.

I like things on Facebook. Sometimes because I genuinely like what someone has said. Other times I want to show a commenter that I totally hear them and empathize with their status update.

thumbs up
Hey you. I like you. So Thumbs Up for being awesome!

On Twitter, I like by hitting the favorite’s star to acknowledge someone’s witty tweet or as a way of saying, “Me Too!” or “Holy crap, we’re sisters from another mother!”

I like with a thumbs up on Pandora so that the music monster can learn what I prefer to rock out to. I also give a thumbs up on Tivo to indicate that I may want to see a show again, but not enough to commit to a season’s pass.

As for my fellow bloggers, if I don’t have anything to add to a post or something funny to say in the comments, I like it as a sign of support. Kind of like a little message of “I like you and totally read this post because you rock.”

All this liking has started to brainwash me. Today I heard a good song on the radio and immediately reached my hand out to it as if to like the song. Last week, I enjoyed a funny email and had the fleeting thought that I should give the writer my feedback in the form of a like.

So yes, I’m a serial liker.

Perhaps I need to unplug from social media a little more on the weekends, before I start trying to give my husband a non-verbal thumbs up for a really good kiss.

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