I Finally Found My Perfect Jean Shorts…for $27!

For the last few years, I’ve been kind of low-key obsessed with finding the perfect pair of jean shorts. Or “jorts” if you’re fancy. I’ve tried dozens on in stores, I’ve bought thrifted pants and cut them down myself, I’ve bought pre-cut thrifted (and non-thrifted) shorts. But still, something was always lacking.

They’d either be too short. Or, too long. Or, when I’d sit down my thighs would get all sausage-like and squish unattractively. Or, there would be a muffin top situation. Or, by the end of the day they’d be so baggy that I’d look like I was wearing my grandpa’s shorts.

Then, last Thursday night. I found them. {angels singing}

Am I the only one who has that toe catching in distressed jeans ‘oh shit’ timber moment?!

Anyways, the brand is “Supplies by Union Bay” and they are called the Marni Rolled Shorts. Typically, I wear a 10 or 12, but all they had at the store was a 14… so I tried them. Going up a size gave them more of a ‘boyfriend’ fit and I LOVE them!

They have a 9” rise, which is good for that tummy smoothing power. The inseam is about 6.5”, which is long enough to be respectable but short enough to be flattering. One of the best things is that the two larger ‘distressed’ holes are not going to accidentally get any bigger — they are patched on the inside of the shorts! You can find sizes 2 – 16 here. For my plus sized ladies, you can find 14W -22W here.

I wore them all weekend long and they held their shape and didn’t get baggy at all. The best part… they are $27!

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One thought on “I Finally Found My Perfect Jean Shorts…for $27!”

  1. “Am I the only one who has that toe catching in distressed jeans ‘oh shit’ timber moment?!”

    You are not alone.

    I may have to check these out, thank you!

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